$410,000 Raised to Help Fight Child Abuse in Michigan

The money raised will provide needy families with support services.


Sometimes preventing child abuse means getting involved in a difficult situation with a student at school. Or with your neighbors. Sometimes it means making a report to police, which can be difficult because you run the risk of having misunderstood what really happened. So now you’ve put a potentially innocent family right under the laser eye of CPS.


But sometimes preventing child abuse means something much more lighthearted. Like going to a Lady Gaga concert, making a trip to Vegas, or relaxing at a Tigers game. Which is exactly what happened at the 15th annual Children’s Trust Fund Pam Posthumous fundraiser this year.


Held at the Lansing Center, about 650 people gathered together for a delicious meal, and to bid on a wide variety of desirable items, all in the name of raising money to help prevent child abuse. Up for auction were season tickets to MSU games, trips to Cabo San Lucas, Scotland and Mexico, and concert tickets for John Mayer. All in all, it was a lot of fun, and all of the profits went to a very good cause.


Time and again, studies have shown that children fare better when left with their own families and supported, rather than removed and placed in foster care. So any fundraiser that aims to prevent child abuse at the source, by providing families with much needed resources, is one we can get behind!


The fundraiser is named to honor the late Pam Posthumus, an advocate for children.


In this case, the $410,000 raised by the Children’s Trust Fund will go towards providing families in need with services like respite care, home visitations, child development support, and other targeted services. This money will allow local partners from all over Michigan to continue providing education services and other prevention programs to the families who need them most.


Child abuse is a very real concern. Parents struggling with poverty, lack of support, domestic violence, substance abuse problems, and violent childhoods sometimes struggle to parent their own children properly. In these cases, what they need is help.


Someone to offer a few hours of respite from the stress of daily life. Perhaps vouchers for gas and groceries to ease the burden of constantly tight finances. Or even parenting classes that will equip them with the skills to handle conflict and frustration. Whatever the intervention, if it keeps a family together and provides services that help them succeed, it can only be for the best.


As CPS defense attorneys, we have helped many families stay together over the years. We fight against false allegations, and work hard to keep children with the parents who love them. If you are being falsely accused of child abuse, or need help battling the invasive tactics of CPS, call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245. We are here to help you and your family!

Comment: Without your help, I believe we would have lost our children and been put on central registry. Instead, our case with CPS is closed.
Laura B