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Children Taken From Parents, Found Mysteriously Dead

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A Michigan couple were found dead in their home.

A Michigan couple have been found dead in their home, where police say that Child Protective Services recently removed two children. The situation itself is a mystery, and is still under investigation by police. Not many details have been released about the circumstances surrounding the couple’s death, nor with regard to the children taken by CPS. What we do know is this:

Police have identified the couple as 28-year-old Cameron Hulet, and his wife, 20-year-old Courtney Hulet. On Tuesday night a friend stopped by the Hulet’s apartment in Dundee at about 9pm, but upon discovering them lying on the floor, assumed they were sleeping and left. The friend returned a few hours later and found them lying in exactly the same position. At that point, law enforcement was contacted.

Officers who responded to the scene say they found no signs of forced entry or foul play. They also say that they found a pound of marijuana on the kitchen table that looked as if it was about to be divided up for sale. The couple was found lying on the floor, with their untouched taco bell take out order nearby, and no signs of trauma on either one.

Cameron Hulet was said to be lying on his side, while his wife was face down beside him. According to Chief Opperman, drug paraphernalia was found inside the couple’s apartment. Based on the presence of the drug paraphernalia and the marijuana, police are assuming that drugs may have played a role in the couple’s untimely death. Although, until the autopsy and toxicology results are available, this is only an assumption.

While police have confirmed that CPS recently removed two children from the couple’s home, they have not explained why. Assumptions have been made in the media about the presence of drugs in the home, which may have contributed to the couple’s loss of custody, but all of that is speculation.

As defense attorneys who have extensive experience working with clients who have lost their children to CPS, we know that drugs sometimes play a role. Parents who are reported to be using drugs in the presence of their children may be reported to CPS by concerned neighbors of friends. If a CPS investigation substantiates drug use, sometimes the children will be removed from the home.

This tends to be the case when the drug use is considered to be severe, or the drugs in question are left where the children can access them. Also, in situations where both parents or caregivers are under the influence of drugs at the same time, leaving no one sober to care for the children, CPS may intervene and remove the children from their parent’s custody.

While it certainly sounds like a valid reason – removing a child from a house where they are in danger of neglect or possible drug consumption, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes CPS removes children from homes where one of both parents are legal, card carrying marijuana patients. Or, from homes where drug use is unsubstantiated. Because we understand that there is often more to the story, we strongly urge you to contact us if CPS has taken your children, or is threatening to take them. Call 866-346-5879 today and speak with an experienced CPS defense attorney now. We are here to help you.

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