CPS FYI: Facts about CPS That Every Michigan Parent Needs to Know (Pt 1)

Got questions about CPS in Michigan? We’ve got answers.

Some people (usually the parents and caregivers who’ve had the misfortune to tangle with a CPS worker) know a lot about how CPS works. But a surprising number of folks know almost nothing about the agency and how they operate. It might seem strange at first, to consider the idea that there are parents out there in the Mitten state who think of CPS solely as the people you call when you happen to suspect child abuse in the family home down the road, but it really isn’t.

Not knowing the facts about CPS could be detrimental to your family!

In the same way that most people who aren’t accountants don’t make a point of finding out as much as they can about federal tax law, most parents who’ve never had dealings with CPS have never needed to know anything more about the agency. Unfortunately, that means when a CPS worker shows up at their home, asking questions and wanting to come in and “have a friendly chat”, they’re completely unprepared. So we’ve like to take this opportunity to prepare you, because you never know what the future holds. You’re welcome.

CPS workers are NOT police officers!

This is important to remember. Why? Because CPS workers would like you to believe that they have the same powers as law enforcement when they’re dealing with you. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t true! CPS workers can’t arrest you, can’t open a criminal investigation into your life, and can’t take retributive action against defendants (outside of asking the court to terminate their parental rights to their child.) They can’t send you to jail, and they can’t threaten you with imprisonment if you don’t follow their orders.

Despite what they imply, they don’t have the same authority!

When a CPS worker arrives at your house to talk to you, they might be accompanied by a police officer. In those situations CPS can immediately remove a child, but only under emergency circumstances, and there must be a hearing within 24 hours after removal where CPS must show that the removal was appropriate under the law. But many CPS workers would rather have you believe that the officer is there to arrest you if you don’t comply with their wishes. This is misdirection and misrepresentation, which is why it’s so important that you educate yourself.

CPS workers don’t want you to know the facts about how they operate!

It benefits a CPS worker for you to be afraid of them. The more you’re scared of them and what they can do, the more compliant you’re likely to be, and that’s exactly what they want from you – total compliance. But that’s not how this works. Doing whatever a CPS worker tells you to, without the benefit of good legal counsel, is exactly the same as agreeing to talk to the cops without an attorney present. You’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot.

A good attorney can make all the difference when you’re fighting CPS!

Join us next time for a look at more facts ever Michigan parent needs to know about CPS – you won’t be sorry, we promise! And please remember that a good CPS defense attorney can make a world of difference to your case. If you or a loved one are battling CPS, or have been falsely accused of abusing or neglecting a child, contact us immediately at 866 766 5245. Our experienced CPS defense attorneys know exactly what’s needed to build a strong and aggressive CPS defense for you and your family.

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