CPS Gets Called For Runaway, But It’s Dad Who Ends up in Jail!

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When Michigan State Troopers were dispatched to an address in Holly, Michigan for a runaway, they arrived with no notion of what to expect. They gathered information on the boy who was missing and set about looking for him. In the end, it didn’t take them long to find the boy, but once they got talking to him about why he ran away, everything changed. 

As it turns out, the young teen said he’d discovered child pornography on his father’s tablet and was scared and disgusted, so he ran away. At this point, troopers knew they couldn’t send the boy back home as he may not be safe in that environment. So they called CPS and the boy was placed with a relative in their home.

What did the police do about the child porn allegations?

Child sexual abuse is a very big deal in Michigan, and allegations about child sexually abusive material (which is the formal term for child pornography in Michigan) are treated as a really big deal by the cops. Troopers immediately got a warrant and showed back up at the boy’s home, where they searched through the father’s belongings and discovered “large amounts of evidence.”

The evidence included a substantial amount of child pornography officers have said, although they also claim that the search is still ongoing, as the house was extremely cluttered and will take a long time to comb through completely. The father has been arrested and is being held, but currently, there’s no other information available about this case.

Being charged with child porn can result in parental termination

It doesn’t take much to get CPS riled up and trying to strip parents of their rights (including a runaway child!), but possessing child porn is a major deal! Any parent accused of having child pornography in their home by the cops, and their children were exposed to it (even accidentally) is also likely to face a possible petition for the termination of their parental rights. And that’s very scary!

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