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Does CPS Investigate Every Abuse or Neglect Claim Made? (Pt 2)

Lots of question marks
Once CPS gets involved, there are going to be a lot of questions. But you need to be very careful what you say…

Thanks for joining us again for the rest of this chat about whether or not CPS investigates every allegation made. The truth, as we shared with you last time, is that they don’t, but that’s only when they can’t locate the child, the alleged abuse is happening out of their jurisdiction, or the child is old enough to count as a legal adult. All other calls will likely get some kind of follow up. So if someone has made an allegation against you, here are some pointers you need to keep in mind during the process that’s about to unfold:

What the investigation involves:

As we mentioned last time, CPS is required to start an investigation within 24 hours of receiving a call about possible abuse or neglect of a child in Michigan. But what exactly does that investigation process consist of? Well, here’s a basic break down, so you know what to expect, if ever you or your family is the subject of a CPS investigation.


A CPS worker will conduct interviews in person, either with you, a family member who lives in the home with you, your child, or the person who is making the accusation (and sometimes all of the above.) And just in case you’re wondering, CPS has the right to show up at your child’s school and conduct an interview with them without getting your permission, or even alerting you.

As you already know, if you read our blog often, is that while you can’t control what CPS asks other people, or even your child, what you can control is how much access they have to you and your home. So DON’T let them into your home without an order signed by the court (but don’t be rude – . And DON’T talk to them unless you have a lawyer present to make sure that they’re not violating your rights.


The CPS worker may ask a judge to order that your child undergo certain medical examinations, like x-rays, CAT scans, or basic physical check ups to help them figure out if there are any signs of abuse or neglect on or inside your child’s body.


Within a “reasonable” amount of time, the CPS worker investigating your child’s case must present you with the results of their investigation, and allow you a chance to explain. This is a minefield, though, and should NEVER be navigated without help from an experienced CPS defense attorney.

Watch your mouth! Some CPS workers can’t be trusted!

CPS would love you to sit down and try to explain to them why your child has bruises, or fractures. And the more you confused you become, and the more suggestions you offer as possible explanations (because you don’t know how your child was hurt!), the more they’re going to accuse you of changing your story! So don’t EVER sit down and talk to a CPS worker without your attorney present! Don’t explain anything, make any suggestions, or try to invest possible scenarios. Just say nothing until your lawyer arrives.

And that’s where we come in. If CPS has accused you of abusing or neglecting a child, don’t argue to try to explain or propose ideas for how it could have happened. Just call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245 and get help right now. Our skilled CPS defense attorneys have decades of experience fighting CPS on behalf of innocent parents, and helping keep loving families together. Do the right thing. Call us now and get the right help, right from the beginning

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