Does Losing Your Water Mean Losing Your Kids As Well?

Are Detroit families at risk of losing their kids if they’ve had their water shut off?


The University of Michigan recently conducted a study that looked at, among other things, the cost of living in Detroit. One of the issues addressed was the monthly water bill of most Detroit residents. What did they find? That the average Detroit family paid about $100 per month, which is twice what the federal affordability standards say is acceptable. So what does that mean for Detroit families? In some cases, it means they can’t afford to pay their water bills, and so they get shut off. Now what?…


Losing water means you don’t have access to water anymore…


Obvious, right? But what else does it mean? It means you can’t take a shower, can’t wash your dishes, can’t run the laundry, and can’t wash your hands easily in the sink. You can still cook and drink, but you have to use bottled water for that. And according to CPS, a family without running water can’t provide a fit home for a child. So in the end, losing your water might mean losing your children!


CPS says it’s always more than that.


According to CPS, they never take kids away for just the lack of running water in a home. BUt many Detroit families are terrified. Why? Because the lack of running water is already one strike against them, from there it’s a slippery slope. Not enough money to fill the fridge? Well, now you have no water AND no food. CPS can step in and take your kids. And then there’s mess. A single grandmother working and raising multiple grandchildren might not have the energy at the end of the day to pick up around the house (and who could blame her?) But does that mean “unfit living conditions”? On top of no running water?


A recent article addresses these issues.


In These Times, an independent non-profit magazine, published an article recently, addressing this issue in Detroit. In the story they shared information gathered from the nonprofit We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective, which says that when a water bill of $150 is only 30 days past due, the water to that home is shut off. Since the height of it’s bankruptcy issues in 2014, Detroit has implemented this shut-off policy all over the city. So far, more than 100,000 households have had their water turned off.


So will Detroit families lose their children because of water shut offs?


That remains to be seen. So far, it’s a legitimate fear that many Detroit families share, but there haven’t been any publicized cases of parents losing their children exclusively because their water was shut off. But that could change at any time. Until then, families are helping each other out, sometimes illegally, and keeping quiet about which household has water and which doesn’t, so as not to attract attention from the state. All in all, it’s a very sad state of affairs.


Has CPS threatened to take your children away?


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