Reviews and Testimonials From Our Clients

Reviews and Testimonials From Our Clients


Choosing the right lawyer to represent you during a CPS case can be an intimidating process. You obviously want an attorney with lots of experience and skill handling child abuse and neglect cases. But when you’re deciding which law firm to hire, what matters most is real-world results.


The award winning attorneys at The Kronzek Firm, pride themselves on providing the best possible service to every single client. Our experienced CPS defense attorneys are dedicated, compassionate and work hard to achieve the best possible results in every case we take on. Our experienced team of skilled professionals has a proven track record of successful results, both in Michigan’s criminal courts, and in the family courts. Just ask our satisfied clients!


Read what our clients are saying about us:

Cassandra A. Drysdale-Crown represented me in a case against Berrien County Department of Health and Human Services. CPS mishandled my case and placed my name on the MI abuse registry. They had a licensed counselor practicing as a psychologist and making unjust claims. Attorney Drysdale-Crown had my name expunged from the registry. It is safe to say, that without the help of The Kronzek Firm, my career and life would have been ruined. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to Cassandra A. Drysdale-Crown for her patience, kindness, professionalism, and compassion.

  –   April on Google, 2017


Do not try to fight CPS with a court appointed attorney. They are paid next to nothing and don’t earn that. Brandy Thompson is well experienced in these matters and she will definitely make a huge difference in the outcome for you and your children.

  –   Steve on Google, 2017


My Attorney Joshua Pease was very helpful in answering any questions I had, he was on time and prepared for court always and really knew what he was doing when it came to child protective services and the steps they want clients to take, he made sure to positively represent me and my case went smooth BC of him! I Highly recommend Joshua Pease and the Kronzek Firm.

  –   Ashley on Google, 2017


As a physician and owner of two businesses, my wife and I recognize professionalism, dedicated thoroughness and competence. Stephanie M. Service was all of the above and more, she truly was a G-dsend for our family. We knew right away she was the attorney our case needed and she met all our expectations. She also made the case personal and helped calm our fears. We will always be grateful for what Stephanie has done for us.

–   Doug on Facebook, 2017


I was impressed with all the hard work that was put in to my case and the way Stephanie just would not give up, always kept me up to date with even the smallest details. From day one I knew I was in good hands. Thank you Stephanie Service, words can not express all you have done for me……

 –   Steven on BirdEye, 2017



Stephanie and Alesha is the best attorney and secretary ever. She was very very patient with me and very through with my case. She is understanding and realistic and reasonable. I would highly recommend her!

 –   Jessica on Facebook, 2017


Initially I was provided a court appointed attorney who did little to nothing. Once I realized I needed an attorney, I retained Brandy Thompson and it was like day and night. She did an excellent job of representing me. I would highly recommend her to anyone fighting the devil known as CPS.

  –   Steve on BirdEye, 2017


I have hired Stephanie service to represent me in a cps case against my husband and I !! Stephanie is amazing ! She will stay up til midnight if need be just to make sure she is fully prepared! The saying “communication is key” sure does apply to her !! I have contact with Stephanie at least once a day even if just to touch base and see if either one of us have had any updates on anything or have had any contact with anyone ! She will drive to your home if any type of investigation calls for cps or law enforcement needs to make a visit !! I would strongly recommend Stephanie Service to anyone! You will not be let down or disappointed!!
Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for my children and I ! It is greatly appreciated!!

 –   Jenay on Google, 2017


I cannot begin to describe how professional, diligent, and proactive John English was in handling my case! I sought representation months prior to finding John and was getting nowhere fast. I decided to make a change and found John English at The Kronzek Firm and couldn’t be happier. He was extremely fast and proactive and had my case cleared in record time in comparison to my previous representation. John English is someone I would hands down recommend and after meeting him found that he is a down to earth loving father which just adds to his legal prowess. Thank you so much John and all of your assistants at the firm!!!

 –   Anthony on Facebook, 2017



Brandy was excellent in handling our request for expungement from Central Registry. When DHHS was not responding to our efforts, Brandy stepped in and had it resolved within a week. We can finally breathe again and get back to our lives.

  –   Heather on BirdEye, 2017


I was taken back by the level of service that my team provided me. The knowledge and care they took on my behalf was second to none. Even those not on my team bent over backwards to assist me with any questions or concerns or requests that I had. If I ever have any problems with legal issues I will be coming back here first chance. Because I know that this group will be in my corner like nobody else. Stephanie Service was a awesome lawyer and I would happily recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer.

–   Kenneth on Google, 2017


They are great with everyone!

 –   Roy on Facebook, 2017


I was looking for someone to give me peace of mind regarding my particular matter, and someone who would be reasonable, knowledgeable, confident, but also temper expectations. I had a brief search online and luckily came across the Kronzek firm, and had Stephanie Service represent me. She fit all these criteria, and additionally, was well-prepared, thorough, available, and professional every step of the way. She kept me informed, took the time to get to know me and the context behind my case, and formulated a solid plan for my court date. She was also very down to earth, which is incredibly important to easing any anxieties about a legal matter. Would strongly recommend her to anyone dealing with a legal problem.

 –   Christopher on Facebook, 2017



I’ve probably only left two or three reviews in my life, it takes something or someone exceptional for me to do this. Charles Kronzek is a perfect example of someone exceptional. Charles has helped our family numerous times over the last eight years. He is beyond generous with his time, seems to work all hours of the day, and is willing to explain every potential outcome no matter how many times I ask. While calls to legal counsel are often some of the most stressful times in life, I have never once left his office or a call with him feeling uncertain about the best possible path forward. You have earned our business many times over. Thank you Charles.

–   John on Facebook, 2017


Stephanie Service is the best lawyer I’ve had.

 –   Staci on Google, 2017


Great upbeat, kind personalities with your best interest being primary. Excellent firm to work with. There prompt service was much appreciated!

–   Sophia and Marissa on Facebook, 2017


I had Stephanie as my lawyer. She gave me the best possible representation for my case. She communicated with me very well through the whole process. She represent me well and made every possible effort to ensure the success of my case. I would highly recommend her as well as the whole Kronzek Firm.

 –   Katherine on Facebook, 2017


I would like to personally recommend Stephanie Service as a class 1 defense attorney. She is very knowledgeable of the law in family and also in cps. She is very kind but at the same time means business. She stands up for right and keeps pushing issues when most attorneys would just give in and back off. Legally, she follows all rules in the practice. Yes- the cost is pricey but that’s why attorneys go through so much school and training ( This firm including Attorney Service is worth the cost) AAAAAA++++++++ rating.

  –   Luke on Google, 2017


I could not be happier with the help & guidance that I received while working with Brandy & her team! Brandy is thorough & to the point. She listened to my wants, needs & concerns. She was honest & clear with her responses (even when she knew I might not like her answer). I would recommend Brandy & her team to anyone looking for a no nonsense team that has the ability to be sharp, professional & yet compassionate!

–   Jennifer on Avvo, 2016


My husband and I highly recommend Attorney Brandy Thompson. She’s extremely knowledgeable and personable.

–   Heather on Google, 2016


Stephanie Service is one of the best lawyers in the field. She is very well informed and is always there for you like family. She helped me understand everything with ease and patience. Always answered my questions and concerns promptly and thoroughly with so much detail. She is a wonderful person and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her

 –   Javeria on Avvo, 2016


Great communication and very knowledgeable!

   Lindsay on BirdEye, 2016


I found Brandy to be extremely professional and available. She prepared me well and had the best interests of me and my child in mind. She listened and rallied around my cause, but at the same time, kept expectations realistic. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as counsel.

–   Michael on Google, 2016


Brandy was well-prepared, responsive and never over-promised. She explained things thoroughly and encouraged questions and compromise. She will care about you and your problem.

 –   Jennifer on BirdEye, 2016


Brandy is very caring and compassionate to her clients. Brandy helped my family through one of the toughest times and I will forever be grateful for her hard work and dedication.

–   Nicole on Avvo, 2015


I’m wishing I could give more stars! Ms. Service was very attentive and she made getting off of the registry for me a pretty easy situation. All I had to do was let her work her magic. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

 –   Blake on Avvo, 2015


I was very pleased with how my attorney, Brandy Thompson, handled my case. She did an amazing job. She was very organized and on top of everything. I would recommend Brandy to anyone who was in a similar situation. She is an amazing attorney.

 –   Chelsea on Google, 2015


Ms. Thompson has been our attorney for almost two years. She has handled our unique case with respect and diligence. We are very happy with her services.

–   Debra on Avvo, 2015


Stephanie Service and her team are top notch.
From the initial phone call to the successful resolution of my case
I was impressed with the prompt response time to every phone message or email. She thoroughly and patiently explained the laws and procedures
and then proactively worked on my behalf.
Stephanie and her team brought me peace of mind knowing they were on the job. I highly recommend her.

 –   Chuck on Avvo, 2015


Don’t even know where to start. Beyond thankful for Mr Kronzek. Not only is he the only attorney I will ever use but he is also a friend. Thank u … seriously.

–   Jen on Avvo, 2014


I have used Brandy for several personal matters and have found her to be very professional. She got the results I was looking for each time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for legal services.

 –   Marci on Avvo, 2014


My experience was with Brandy Thompson. I found her to be thorough and professional. She handled every issue that came up quickly, and the outcome far exceeded what I wanted or even hoped for. I highly recommend if you are in need of attorney, you contact her first!

 –   Mary on Google, 2014


I highly recommend Stephanie Service, she is straightforward and honest (which you don’t find in a lot of lawyers now a days) and she’s very good at her job. If you want a lawyer that will stand up and fight for you Stephanie Service is your lawyer.

 –   Eric on Avvo, 2014


We chose The Kronzek Firm as our representatives in the early stages of a child abuse case with CPS. The firm offered us the aggressive protection we needed. I highly recommend using The Kronzek Firm for CPS issues. The earlier you get the firm involved, the better off you’ll be. Protecting our children from CPS was worth every penny.

 –   Jason on Google, 2014


From the first meeting with Ms. Drysdale-Crown, it was not only the professionalism and knowledge, but the sincerity and sense of feeling I was understood. I was always treated with respect with each and every question or concern I had. No matter how many times I emailed or called the office, I always received prompt response and was made to feel my questions were important and never made to feel that I was wasting her time.

 –   Evelyn on Avvo, 2014


I have been very impressed by The Kronzek Firm in my experiences with them. Their professionalism and courtesy goes above and beyond the norm. Next time I need help with the law, I know I can rely on Chuck to help me out.

 –   Jeffrey on Google, 2014


We picked The Kronzek Firm to represent us in an old case, and through their hard work and dedication, the case was dismissed and we were able to keep our family together. I would recommend Mr. English’s representation to anyone in the area! They were very professional and respectful, a successful choice!

  –   Scott and Sarah on Avvo, 2014


I worked with Stephanie Service on my case with CPS and the Macomb County Police dept. She was phenomenal throughout the entire process. Honestly, I was very scared being innocent and having to feel like a criminal. This was my first time dealing with such situation and was in a panic. She was very informative, kept me in the loop, and was very understanding of my situation. Also, she didn’t pressure me to do anything I didn’t feel comfortable with and gave me very wise advice. In the end, what seemed like an eternity ended well. All charges were dropped and I was cleared. Thank you Stephanie for helping my family and I.

 –   Chouchee on Google, 2014


In a nutshell, Cassandra was amazing. She is knowledgeable, has an excellent reputation/relationships in the courtroom; highly professional, detail-oriented, organized, and prepared. She was also very caring and kind. She took the time each step in the process to fully disclose the procedures, answer our questions and get us prepared. We felt confident from the first meeting that she was the woman to get the job done, and she did, without a hitch. We feel truly blessed to have had her represent us during this emotionally difficult time in our lives. She is OUTSTANDING – a true credit to the legal profession. We would highly recommend her.

 –   Jim on Avvo, 2013