Take Action When CPS Comes Calling, Or Risk Losing Your Child!

When CPS makes contact, don’t just ignore them – they won’t just “go away!”


When we have a few minutes, we like to catch up on local news and find out what’s happening in Michigan and around the nation. One story, published just a few days ago, raised much discussion in the office, because it did a perfect job of illustrating a point we often make to our clients – the fact that when CPS contacts you about your child’s safety, completely ignoring them is a very bad idea!


We regularly tell our clients not to speak to CPS without consulting us first, and never to let CPS into their homes without a court order. But we also know that once CPS has made contact with a family, they can’t simply pretend that it never happened, or ignore the agency and their instructions. Case in point – a young mother who is currently facing charges in the wake of her child falling out of a second story window.


CPS warned the mother not to leave her kids unattended!


According to an affidavit, two young children – a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, were seen leaning out of an open, upstairs window by a neighbor. Concerned for the children’s safety, the neighbor called CPS and reported that the children were in possible danger of falling. A CPS investigator came to the home and had a talk with the children’s mother, telling her that she should close and secure the window, and not allow the children to play unattended.


Unfortunately, two days later, the 3-year-old boy fell out of the second story window. Police were called to the home in response to the child’s fall, and it was discovered that the mother had already been warned. In talking to police, she admitted that a CPS worker had discussed the situation with her, but for whatever reason, she didn’t secure the window, and continued to allow the two children to play unattended.


Thankfully, the boy’s injuries were minor!


While the boy’s injuries amounted to no more than scrapes and bruises, the reality is that it could have been much worse! As such, the mother was arrested and charged with Child Endangerment, to which she pled guilty. However, regardless of her plea, the fact that this mother was warned by a CPS worker and chose to ignore the advice, which resulted in her child getting hurt, has resulted in her being labelled a neglectful or abusive parent by the agency.


This means she is far more likely, in future, to risk losing her kids when she makes a bad parenting decision, or be required to attend classes in order to be able to keep her children. She is now “in the system” and CPS can interfere in her home and parenting whenever they choose to, with little or no provocation.


Be aware of CPS when they reach out to you!


We are not saying you should invite them in for cookies and a chat. We are also not suggesting that you should follow their advice as if it were the letter of the law (although they would like you to believe it is!). But when a CPS agent contacts you about an allegation that’s been made against you, or a concern about your parenting, you need to be aware of how that contact would impact your future!


If you or a loved one are contacted by a CPS worker, regardless of what the particular allegation is, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245! Our skilled CPS defense attorneys can help you protect your parental rights, as well as explore what options are available to you and what the next best step should be for your family.


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