The House Oversight Committee Begins CPS Hearings.

If you follow our blog, then you already know that a recent audit done by the Office of the Auditor General, called CPS out on the frightening number of things they were mismanaging,. They’ve also made it plain that things need to change. But how exactly are we going to implement that change?


Well, in truth, overhauling a massive system is not an overnight job. There is a lot wrong with Michigan’s child welfare system, and the effort needed to bring it ‘up to code’ as it were, is going to be a monumental effort. And that effort starts with hearings before the House Oversight Committee.


The follow up will be a huge undertaking.


Although the initial audit revealed an astounding number of failings in how CPS operates, the process has only just begun. The office of the Auditor General testified on Thursday of last week, in front of a House oversight committee, on the audit they completed of CPS.


Audit manager Yvonne Benn and principal audit supervisor Leah Decker presented the findings, and they were terrible! According to the results of the audit, CPS is failing on nearly every front here in Michigan. Which is very sad, because the agency underwent a massive overhaul about a decades ago, and nothing seems to have changed.


What evidence was presented at the hearings?


So what exactly was some of the evidence presented to the House Oversight Committee? Let’s take a look at just a small cross section of the issues:


  • In two investigations, the necessary court petitions hadn’t been submitted after a CPS worker concluded a caretaker was committing sexual abuse.
  • In multiple cases, CPS supervisors didn’t identify deficiencies with the investigations, and often approved investigations with existing deficiencies
  • In more than 70% of cases, CPS workers hadn’t done central registry clearances for people caring for foster children,
  • And in many cases, CPS workers did not interview children until it was way too long after an alleged event.


What happens now?


After the Office of the Auditor General completes the presentation of their findings, CPS will be asked to represent themselves. According to Representative Joseph Graves, who chairs the committee, he is interested to hear what CPS supervisors have to say about the allegations.


“I just want to be able to understand what they are doing, why this happened, and what can be done to make this go forward. I’m not looking to punish anybody.”


CPS has a long history of screwing up the facts!


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