Do You Think Only “Bad” Parents Get Their Kids Taken by CPS? Think Again! (Pt. 1)

Even good, loving parents can be threatened by CPS . Protect yourself and your family!


Ask around, and you’ll probably find that most people (at least, those who’ve ever stopped to think about it before) are pretty sure that only “bad” parents get their kids removed by CPS. After all, if someone makes a false claim of abuse and CPS investigates, surely those kids wouldn’t be removed if there was nothing questionable going on, right?


Not so much. If CPS only removed children from parents who seriously abused or neglected them, we would have much to argue with (because children who really are at risk of severe abuse and neglect should be removed for their own safety!) But sadly, that’s often not the case. Far too often, CPS workers take kids for reasons that have nothing to do with abuse or neglect.


Disagreeing with a doctor can get you accused of medical neglect!


Every parent has to care for and provide for their children – it’s what a parent does. However, that means more than just making sure a child has food, clothing, and shelter. Medical care counts as a necessity as well. And anything you do that could look like refusal to provide your child with the medical care they could end up with CPS knocking on your door.


  • Skipping out on doctor visits or wellness check ups could easily be considered neglect
  • Attempting to medicate your children without the oversight of a doctor (this could include the overuse of non-prescription medications, or the use of medical marijuana products)
  • Deciding on what treatment best fits your children’s medical needs by disagreeing with a doctor and seeking out a second opinion.


Disciplining your child can get you accused of child abuse!


Although Michigan law allows parent to use “reasonable force” when disciplining a child, there’s no clear definition of what “reasonable” is in the law. In other words, just because one person thinks it’s reasonable, doesn’t mean another person can’t think it’s abuse. Unfortunately, this disagreement happens often.


So yes, you have the right as a parent to spank your kids if you choose to, but bear in mind that you may have to explain your disciplinary choices to a CPS worker, and possibly a Judge. Even if you never left a mark on your child, and hardly ever use spankings as a form of discipline, you still need to be careful. All your child has to do is mention to a teacher or daycare provider that their parent “hits” them, and you could find a CPS worker at your house, trying to remove your children.


Being accused of abusing or neglecting your kids is horrific!


The thought that a state worker could show up at your house, declare you an unfit parent, and take your children away sounds like madness. Yet it happens often. And more often than not, it happens to good, loving parents who would never harm their own children. But it doesn’t have to be like that, and if this sounds like your situation, you don’t have to deal with this alone! We can help you.


At The Kronzek Firm, our skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys have spent decades helping Michigan parents keep themselves and their children safe from overzealous CPS workers. So if you need help defending your family, call 866 766 5245 today and get help from the people who understand exactly what needs to happen next. And don’t forget to join us next time, for the wrap up on this discussion about the many reasons CPS uses to try and take kids away from their parents.


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