Tragic Death of 1-Year-Old Will NOT Result in Charges!

Even a few inches of water can be a danger to an unsupervised child.


A few months ago in February, there was a tragedy in Montcalm County, Michigan. A 1-year-old girl wandered out into her family’s backyard, where rain and melting snow had created puddles and patches of standing water. As KidsHealth points out, a young child can drown in as little as 2 inches of water, so it doesn’t take much. And that’s exactly what happened.


The child drowned in her family’s backyard.


The little girl was found by her parents at about 10am, lying in standing water. She was rushed to Sheridan Community Hospital, but unfortunately it was too late. The little girl was dead, and an investigation was opened by the Michigan State Police.


However, despite extensive interviews and searches of the family’s home, police found nothing to suggest neglect. In the end, MSP closed the file saying that the child’s death was a terrible situation, but was not the fault of either parent. It was an accident. Which the Montcalm County Prosecutor’s Office agrees with.


The death was determined to be an accident.


According to Montcalm County Prosecutor Andrea Krause, the little girl’s death was a “very tragic accident” but not the result of neglect or abuse on the part of her parents. The Montcalm County Prosecutor’s office reviewed MSP’s findings, and decided not to press charges. The reason given was because none of a elements of a crime could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.


In the wake of the child’s death, the MSP are reminding parents that springtime is often a season when there is considerable rain and runoff. Between melting snow and saturated soil that leads to standing water, there’s an increased chance of drowning for small children. Parents are cautioned to keep a close eye on all of their little ones, especially at this time of year!


Rumors circulated, but have all been disproved.


After the little girl’s death, there were numerous rumors that circulated in the media about possible drug use by the parents. Several allegations were made that the parents were under the influence of drugs at the time that the child passed away, or sleeping off the effects of drugs from the night before. Both of these allegations have been proven to be incorrect.


This is not the first time a child has died as a result of a tragic accident, and the parents have been investigated by the police and CPS. However, it’s rare that the prosecutor’s office recognizes that accidents happen, and not every heartbreaking death of a child is a call for criminal charges, which makes this story both encouraging, and hopeful for other parents.


Have you been accused of child abuse or neglect in Michigan?


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