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Why Are we Still Kicking a Dead Horse When it Comes to CPS in Michigan? (Pt 2)

Building in need of repair
At this point the child welfare system in Michigan is so broken, so damaged and corrupt, that only a total overhaul will save it from itself.

Welcome back and thanks for joining us. If you remember from our previous article on this subject, we talked about how widely acknowledged it is that CPS screws up so often, and so badly, and yet very little is done to address the problems. Previously we shared details with you from a report written by Senator Nancy Schaefer, and a book authored by criminologist Brenda Scott, that both spoke out against CPS. But speaking out isn’t enough. We need real change.

Michigan is rife with examples of families torn apart by CPS

CPS has been called many things over the years. It has been accused of many crimes against families. The themes that seem to crop up over and over are “violation of rights” and “kidnapping” – both of which are very serious, and very tragic. Unfortunately, evidence of this can be seen all over Michigan.

Cases like those of the Wendrows, Maryanne Godboldo, and US Navy Officer Matthew Hindes, are just a few of the classic examples of parents whose rights were violated, whose children were treated like property, and who faced phenomenal odds in getting back legal custody of their children. Custody that should never have been taken from them in the first place. So what can be done about it?

What are the solutions to these problems?

Both Scott and Schaefer addressed the agency’s problems respectively, providing advice for parents who are battling these very issues, and demanding that the system be overhauled and fully reformed. Suggestions they made for change included a full independent audit of the system to expose corruption, mandating a jury trial before a child is removed from parental custody, and an end to the financial incentives that separate families.

Michigan has made several strides in recent years to address the many issues that plague CPS. Massive flaws in their computerized system that cost the state millions to build, which resulted in children slipping through the cracks. Innocent parents being incorrectly placed on the abuse registry. Assessments being done incorrectly, or not done at all. The list goes on and on. The only real solution available is to keep going back to the drawing board, addressing issues again and again until we’ve got it right.

Just don’t hold your breath – these things always take time.

The agency has come under fire before, and the promised changes haven’t made much difference. So we have no way of knowing how soon the agency will address their greatest issues, or how long it will take them before they’re more successful in the future. However one issue we believe they need to address sooner rather than later, is the issue of treating a parent as if they’re guilty before you have any evidence to support that theory.

And that’s where we come in. At The Kronzek Firm our skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys have spent decades helping the families of Michigan protect themselves against an overzealous and under regulated agency. And until CPS workers start working with families and not against them, we will keep on fighting to protect parents. If this sounds like your situation, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. WE’re here to help you!

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