Will CPS Make me Take a Polygraph During a Child Abuse Investigation? (Pt 2)

Do lie detector tests really tell the truth about you and what you’ve done? 


Welcome back. We’ve been talking about how potentially unreliable polygraph tests are, and how frustrating it is that CPS sometimes uses them during child abuse investigations, despite the fact that they’re very unreliable. So what can you do about it, if you’re accused of abusing a child, and a CPS workers wants to hook you up to a lie detector test?


For starters, you can refuse. And you should!


You aren’t legally required to take a polygraph test. CPS can’t use polygraph results in court as evidence, so in reality, having the results of that test isn’t going to make a difference to what they can present to a judge. So why do they do it?


Because they’re hoping you’ll give something away. They’re hoping you’ll be so nervous and scared that you’ll slip up and talk yourself into a corner. Reveal some incriminating piece of evidence, or get your story mixed up and provide contradictory information that they can use against you.


Sometimes, the tests aren’t even real!


CPS workers, and sometimes even cops, get people to take “tests” to prove their guilt, and then fake the results in order to intimidate a suspect. Imagine being strapped to a polygraph machine, being asked a load of personal questions, and then being told you “failed” the test, which means you’re guilty.


You have no way of knowing if the lie detector machine was broken. They certainly hope you don’t know, because they’re hoping your anxiety at failing the test will lead to a confession!


You have rights! Use them.


In many cases, CPS workers will make it sound like you have no choice. You “have to” come back to their office to answer questions. You “have to” submit to a polygraph test. Or you “have to” let them into your home to talk to you and look around. Truth? You don’t!


You have rights, and CPS would rather you didn’t know about them. They don’t want you to call a lawyer, or deny them entry, or refuse to answer your questions. But in most cases, you have the right to do all of that and more to protect yourself! So if CPS has made ANY contact with you about treatment of a child, don’t wait! Call a skilled CPS defense attorney and make sure you’re familiar with ALL of your rights!


Don’t submit to a polygraph test without talking to a lawyer first!


When it comes to CPS, there is nothing you should be doing or saying without talking to your attorney first! Don’t answer questions, let them into your house, or submit to tests until you’ve discussed your options and your rights, with a good CPS defense attorney!


So if CPS has made contact with you in any way, you should call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Nothing good comes from CPS sending you letters, calling you, or showing up on your doorstep. But our skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys can help you protect your rights, and your family. Don’t wait! Call us today!


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