Category: Mandatory Reporting

  • The Movement to Quickly Report Child Abuse … Are There Downsides?

    Here in Michigan and nationally, there have been increased measures taken to protect children from neglect and abuse. Keeping children safe is of course a priority, but there is one growing consequence of this movement – falsely accused parents. Our team of experienced CPS defense attorneys sees increasing numbers of false accusations of child abuse […]

  • Michigan’s Newest Mandatory Reporters

    There is growing concern right here in Michigan, and nationally, about unreported sexual abuse or neglect, specifically in children. In an effort to protect those victims, Michigan law will now make physical and occupational therapists and athletic trainers mandatory reporters of reasonably suspected child abuse or neglect.  Michigan’s Child Protection Law designates certain professionals as […]

  • Mandated Reporting: The Rising Cost of “Forced” Reports

    Mandated reporting has been something of a controversial subject in Michigan, and as the list of mandated reporters seems to get longer every year, the question comes up again and again: should people be forced to report their suspicions, even when they don’t have any evidence to back it up? The law requires that a […]

  • How the Nassar Case Will Change Michigan’s Child Abuse Reporting Laws (Part 1)

    The ripples of the Larry Nassar case can be felt in every corner of the state. New legislation is being introduced, people’s motives are being questioned, jobs are being lost, rules and regulations are changing. The upheaval is enormous. And one of the areas (one of many) that has come under fire since this case […]

  • Mandatory Reporting: A Teacher’s Nightmare!

    A recent news article, while it isn’t an incident that is taking place in Michigan, perfectly illustrated something that could easily happen anywhere in the U.S. A teacher from Columbia County in Georgia has been arrested and accused of failing to report suspected child abuse to the proper authorities. In this particular case the teacher […]