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Parenting Time – Mid Michigan Divorce

Parenting time is just the more modern name for visitation with the children. Michigan family law states that parenting time schedules must promote a strong relationship between children and their parents.

Divorce Process – Mid Michigan Divorce

Brandy Thompson explains common divorce issues including fault vs no-fault, the requirements for filing divorce in Michigan, the choice regarding what county to file in, and the applicable waiting periods.

Property Disputes – Mid Michigan Divorce

In a Michigan Divorce, courts look at the nature of the property to be divided. The two general property categories are marital property and separate property. Pre-Marital property is often considered separate property. Personal injury awards and inheritances are also commonly considered separate property.

Sexual Allegations – Mid Michigan Divorce

If you or a family member are accused of having inappropriate conduct with an underage child you’ll need a defense attorney that specializes in sexual allegations.

Best Custody Attorney – Mid Michigan Divorce

There are many factors that courts consider in Michigan Divorce proceedings where custody is in dispute. One of Michigan’s top custody litigators explains.