CPS Wants to Come Into My Home. OMG!

Should I Let Them in?

Well, that depends. The answer is often no – you shouldn’t let CPS just come into your house. Just like you wouldn’t usually let any stranger into your home, CPS is no exception. 

Why would CPS show up at your home unannounced?

Let’s start with the understanding that CPS came to your house unannounced, for a reason. Probably somebody filed a complaint with them that you either abused or neglected your children. By law, they’re required to investigate that complaint. Many times, they chose to simply show up at the home, saying they’re required to see the house and see the children. Understand that this is NOT a Michigan law! It’s just a CPS procedure. And even their own procedure does not require them to suddenly show up without a prior appointment. It’s just their own choice to do that. 

Know your rights when dealing with CPS!

If that happens to you, we recommend that you tell the CPS worker that unless there is a court order, they cannot come into your home right now. Tell them you’ll be hiring an attorney shortly and your attorney will be in touch with them within a few days. Don’t be coerced or bullied into allowing CPS into your home without a warrant. Your very next step is to hire an experienced CPS defense lawyer to get between you and the CPS worker. 

How does hiring a CPS defense lawyer help?

An experienced CPS defense lawyer will put themselves between you and CPS. If a home visit is allowed, it should be arranged by the attorney. Often, our attorneys will want to be present in the home when CPS comes to visit. We will also help you to prepare for the home visit by the CPS worker but only if the decision is made to permit that visit.  

There are some simple steps you should take to prepare for your visit with CPS:  

Be certain that you have working smoke detectors that are properly installed. 

Make sure you have hot and cold running water in your home. 

Check to be sure your furnace is working properly. 

Be sure the house is clean and well kept. 

The refrigerator and cupboards should be stocked with nutritional food.  

Keep dangerous chemicals, cleaning products,  prescriptions, and guns away from kids. 

Do a safety walkthrough of your home. Fix any trip hazards, dangerous conditions and uncovered electric outlets. Keep window blind cords away from toddlers. 

Have a clean, safe bed for every person living in the home. 

 Air out your home a couple of hours before the CPS visit. There should be no illegal substances in the home. Even if you smoke weed legally, get it out of your home and be sure your house doesn’t smell like marijuana or cigarette smoke. 

Clean up after your pets. 

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Depending on the particulars of your case, we might have other recommendations for you as well. Listen carefully to our advice and get us involved as early as possible in the CPS investigation. We have decades of experience, and we can help protect you and your family.