CPS wants me to take a polygraph test.
Should I do it?

No decision about taking a polygraph should be made without consulting your attorney. Most investigations by Children’s Protective Services can also put you at risk for a criminal prosecution. Most Neglect Petitions are brought forward by a prosecutor who can attack your parental rights at the same time they are building a case for criminal prosecution.

Government provided polygraphs are often an opportunity for an interview of an accused without an attorney being involved. Polygraph examiners are not always truthful about the results. It can be very intimidating to be told that you did not pass the polygraph. In that circumstance, polygraph examiners are trained to use the polygraph as an opportunity to obtain a confession.

As child abuse and child neglect defense attorneys, we defend parents and others regularly against false allegations of child abuse and neglect. We are familiar with the coercive tactics of CPS and police investigators. We can help shelter you from government intrusion into your family.

The Kronzek Firm attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with Michigan Children’s Protective Services. You can call us to set up an appointment regarding your polygraph test at (866) 7NOJAIL!