CPS Defense Lawyers: Michigan’s Top Children’s Protective Services Defense Team

From the time that our firm began decades ago, our defense team has aggressively and skillfully protected families and children from false charges made by Michigan Children’s Protective Services. Our CPS defense attorneys are parents and family members themselves. We understand, respect, and advocate for our clients that have been accused of child abuse or child neglect all over the lower peninsula of Michigan.

In case after case in Michigan, our CPS attorneys preserve and reunify parents with their children. We are well aware of the false accusations made by Children’s Protective Services. Our CPS lawyers understand that lies and promises are common with CPS. Our Child Protective Services defense team has been involved in hundreds of CPS cases since the 1990s. We’re aggressive and we know how to fight the good fight to protect children and families. We’re passionate about our work, and it shows in our long track record of success. Here are some of our Michigan CPS defense attorneys.

Meet the team: