Attorney Chuck Kronzek

Chuck Kronzek

Chuck may be a respected and highly sought after defense attorney now, yet his former careers included an amazing range of professions. From songwriter to police officer to property investor, Chuck has brought his tireless dedication and unflappable manner to every job he’s ever done.

Which is part of why he’s such a good attorney. Nothing fazes him and nothing gets under his skin. Which as you can imagine, is a very useful character trait to have when you are defending people in a courtroom. (He is also a renowned prankster, but has made it a point to keep that fine skill out of his legal work, which most of his clients are very grateful for.)

Chuck was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but it was right here in Michigan that he chose to get his law degree and found a law firm. But starting a business is something Chuck is no stranger to. After all, he has started many businesses in his life, all of them successful, and all of them a source of pride and pleasure. But law is where his heart lies, and always has.

Chuck was 5 years old when he decided he wanted to be an attorney, and it was a goal he never stopped pursuing. And we are all pretty lucky that he did, because he’s ridiculously good at it, and his skill as a negotiator would likely have been wasted if he had chosen any other line of work.

While law and business may be his first love, Chuck does enjoy a number of other hobbies. He loves to travel with his family. He has helicoptered to the top of a glacier in Alaska, and been to see the wailing wall in Israel. He also likes going to the movies, where he naps quietly while his wife enjoys the feature film.

Ask Chuck what three words he thinks best describe him and surprisingly, he won’t say “loves Italian food” – although that would be a very truthful assessment. What he would likely tell you is “driven, ambitious and successful.” Which, we think you’ll agree, are probably better qualities in an attorney than a dedicated love of regional cuisine. But only just.

In the words of Steve Jobs, the only way to be truly satisfied, is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work, is to love what you do. This is the epitome of Chuck’s approach to his work. He believes passionately in being the best attorney he can possibly be.

And it’s when you get him talking about that, that he really comes alive. “There are a lot of cliches about being the best and I’ve heard them all” he’ll tell you, “But that aside, I want to be the kind of attorney that I would hire.” And given his ridiculously high standards, that’s saying something.

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