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“Faith-based Healing” Parents Defend Their Choices in Court

The Supreme Court is now having to decide what religious rights parents have when it comes to their kids… This case has been controversial from day one. It has brought on all sorts of arguments, from issues of religious freedom, to parenting rights, medical neglect, and child abuse. And what’s interesting is that all sides […]

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Can Kids Use Medical Marijuana in Michigan? (Part 1)

After the excitement following the legalization of medical marihuana (sometimes written as marijuana), 2014 ended with Michigan’s first medical marijuana child abuse case. Amy Renee Cunningham, a 31-year-old mother from Mesick village, chose to treat her sons with medical marijuana. The 10 and 12-year old allegedly suffered from emotional issues, and Cunningham said she prefered […]

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What Does Michigan Law Say About Spanking? Part 2

In the introductory article in this two part series, we discussed the fact that spanking is not illegal in Michigan. We also looked at how corporal punishment differs from child abuse in the legal definition, and talked about some cases of Michigan parents who were charged, but not convicted, of child abuse after spanking their children. […]

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Appeal Filed by Mom Who Got High While Pregnant

30-year-old Melissa Lee Jones is currently behind bars in the St. Joseph County Jail, having been convicted of First Degree Child Abuse. Ultimately she is assigned to serve out her time at Huron Valley Complex, a women’s prison, where there are a number of people incarcerated for exactly the same reason. But what is interesting […]

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