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Kids in Foster Care (And Their Parents) Really Struggle Over The Holidays!

Kids who are separated from their parents over the holidays have an incredibly hard time enjoying Christmas. There are loads of things that make the Christmas holidays special. Getting together with family. Decorating the tree and baking cookies with your kids. Snuggling up with your family, everyone in their pjs, to watch a favorite holiday […]

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Foster Families Face Unique Issues That Many Biological Families Don’t Encounter (Pt 1)

Parenting is hard, no matter your situation, but foster families face certain unique challenges that are unlike anything a bio family has to deal with. For most biological parents who are only raising their own kids, they decide what they want their children’s lives to look like, and they base their rules and family policies […]

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CPS Relative Placement – What Are The Facts?

Relative Placement refers to when Child Protective Services removes a child or children from their parent’s care, and places them into the care of relatives. Michigan law requires that the courts and CPS give serious consideration to any and all viable relative placement options. This is because relative placement is almost always preferred to traditional […]

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