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Cultural Misunderstandings Can Lead to CPS Interventions in Michigan. (Pt 2)

Children who grew up in war-torn countries often face greater challenges, as the trauma they’ve sustained makes life even harder. Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We’ve been discussing the difficult subject of CPS interventions, but with the added spin of how they affect immigrant and refugee communities. As we mentioned in the previous […]

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Cultural Misunderstandings Can Lead to CPS Interventions in Michigan. (Pt 1)

Parents who come from other countries often struggle to overcome language and cultural barriers and have little to no support systems in place to help them. Michigan is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and racial variety. Between the extensive immigrant and resettled refugee populations, and the many people living here whose parents and grandparents […]

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Studies Show Mediation Results in Faster, Better Outcomes in CPS Cases

Mediation, where everyone is working together towards the same goal, has much better results for children and families involved with CPS. Earlier this year the Michigan Supreme Court released the results of a study that evaluated Michigan’s Child Protection Mediation (CPM) process when used as an alternative means of achieving permanency in child welfare cases. […]

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Can You be a Free Range Parent in Michigan And Not be Accused of Neglect?

Allowing your child some freedom, responsibility and independence can result in neglect charges in Michigan! How do you encourage your children to be independent, self-reliant, and responsible as they grow up? According to the free range parenting movement, you encourage them to function as independently as possible, with limited parental supervision, while still expecting them […]

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