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Cultural Misunderstandings Can Lead to CPS Interventions in Michigan. (Pt 2)

Children who grew up in war-torn countries often face greater challenges, as the trauma they’ve sustained makes life even harder. Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We’ve been discussing the difficult subject of CPS interventions, but with the added spin of how they affect immigrant and refugee communities. As we mentioned in the previous […]

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How The Opioid Crisis Affects Michigan’s Children, And Our Child Welfare System

Opioids, which includes many prescription medications, are having a staggering effect on Michigan’s children, and our child welfare system as a whole. Every year in the United States, about 80 deaths are reported as a result of tornadoes. About 17 people are killed by hurricanes, and lightning causes an average of 55 fatalities annually. But […]

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Should Michigan CPS Replace Their Flawed Multi-million Dollar Software? (Pt 1)

MDHHS’s software has epic issues – and the federal court overseeing the agency has given them a time limit for addressing the problems. When people say “that’s the million dollar question” they probably aren’t referencing to whether or not Michigan CPS should replace their deeply flawed software system, but they could be! After all, it […]

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