What Happens When a Mandated Reporter Calls CPS to Report Suspected Abuse? (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this discussion. We’ve been talking about what happens here in Michigan when a mandated reporter (or anyone, for that matter) calls CPS to report suspected child abuse. As we mentioned in the previous article, there are certain criteria the alleged abuse has to meet in order for CPS to even start an investigation.

A close up of a type writer with a paper in it, saying "investigation"

Once the investigation is started, the CPS worker is supposed to make contact with the family within 24 hours. However, many CPS workers have seriously overloaded case numbers here in Michigan, and short of working 24 hours a day, it’s simply not possible for them to do all the things their own agency’s protocols demand of them within that time frame. So some child abuse investigations get pushed back. 

What does the CPS worker do once they make contact with you?

When a CPS worker opens an investigation, there are certain steps they follow. Once they’ve done a little research, including looking to see if you or anyone in your home has a criminal history, they will show up at your home. Once they’re in your house, there are specific things they want to do in order to determine if a child is at risk of abuse of neglect in your home. This list includes the following:

  • Conduct face-to-face interviews with you and with your children
  • View and assess your home
  • Interview neighbors and friends, and anyone else who may be able to provide information on your family

Once they’ve gathered all this information, they’re supposed to make an assessment about the future risks to your children. If they believe your children are at risk of future neglect or abuse, they’re likely to try and remove your child from your care and put them into foster care. As you know, once your child has been taken by the state, it can take months of jumping through hoops with the court to get them back. But that doesn’t have to happen!

Don’t let CPS into your house unless they have a court order!

CPS workers can be sneaky. They show up with a police officer and imply that if you don’t let them in they’ll have you arrested, when in fact that officer is there for their protection. Or they’ll waive official looking documentation in your face and tell you they have a legal right to come into your home, when in fact they don’t have a court order signed by a Judge, which is the only way they can legally come into your home without your permission.

If CPS shows up at your home, demanding to come in and look at your home, or interview your children, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help protect your family from overzealous CPS workers. We understand how scary this process is, but don’t give in! Don’t let them in, don’t talk to them, and don’t let them take your child! Tell them you’ll be calling your attorney right then, and let us handle this for you!