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  • What Happens to My Child While I’m in Prison?

    Parents who are or may be incarcerated both share a concern about what happens to their child while they are in jail and how their arrest may affect their parental rights. The main concern may be whether the parent’s new criminal record may influence CPS’s ability to take their children. The short answer is no. […]

  • Parenting in The Online Age, Where All Your Choices (And Mistakes) Are Made Public! (Pt 1)

    There’s an article up on the MI Headlines online newspaper about a horrific beating that a young girl sustained at the hands of her mother. The accompanying video, which has since been removed, shows a mother brutally beating and kicking the young girl, allegedly because the young girl uploaded inappropriate content to Snapchat. Although the […]

  • “Faith-based Healing” Parents Defend Their Choices in Court

    This case has been controversial from day one. It has brought on all sorts of arguments, from issues of religious freedom, to parenting rights, medical neglect, and child abuse. And what’s interesting is that all sides have made some valid points. But what remains an indisputable fact, regardless of anyone’s perspectives and beliefs, is that […]

  • Can Children Participate in CPS Court Hearings That Affect Their Future?

    Ask any parent and they’ll tell you – given the choice between cake and ice-cream for dinner, or broccoli and chicken, most kids would choose the less healthy option! Why? Because kids usually go for what feels or sounds good right now, without taking into account how that choice could impact them in the future. […]

  • Texas Judge Orders Sanctions Against CPS For Wrongful Removal (Pt 2)

    Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We’ve been discussing a case that’s made headlines all over the US in the last few days. It took place in Texas, but is symptomatic of what’s happening all over the country, and particularly here in Michigan – where CPS is tearing families apart with no regard for […]

  • Is Free Range Parenting The Answer For Michigan as Well?

    In the wake of Utah’s decision to institute a policy protecting free range parents from prosecution, parents around the country are speaking up in favor of free range parenting in their own home states. And Michigan is joining in the fight. In an article entitled Why I’m proud to be not hands on, a free […]

  • Father Who Kidnapped Daughter Was Losing Parental Rights

    News in Michigan, like news just about anywhere else in the United States, has been very centered on our turbulent political situation. However, while the President and protesters have dominated our media, a lot of other events have been taking place here in the Mitten state that are equally relevant. In particular, the attempted parental […]

  • CPS Finds And Takes “Endangered” Tennessee Baby

    Child Protective Services recently removed an 8-month-old baby from his parent’s custody, after the couple was arrested. A statewide endangered child alert was issued for little Xavier Billings, describing him as a 17 Lb baby with blue eyes and blond hair who was in danger while in the custody of his parents. Xavier’s parents, 29-year-old […]

  • Maryanne Godboldo Asks The Court For A Third Dismissal

    The story of Maryanne Godboldo is a phenomenal one. It covers one mother’s battle with Child Protective Services and the Courts that has dragged on for years, and has caused a great deal of controversy surrounding Michigan’s child welfare system. In the most recent installment in this long and drawn-out case, Godboldo is asking the […]

  • CPS Takes “Micro-Baby”, Cites Mom’s Apnea As Reason

    Ryker James LaRoy McEvers was born 14 weeks early, weighing only 1 pound, and is something of a miracle. He has survived stays in two different hospitals over a four month span where he underwent a number of different surgical procedures, including heart surgery, and was finally released on February 6th to go home with […]