CPS Finds And Takes “Endangered” Tennessee Baby

Yellow police line tape with emergency responders behind
Meth lab clean ups are expensive and hazardous to those involved.

Child Protective Services recently removed an 8-month-old baby from his parent’s custody, after the couple was arrested. A statewide endangered child alert was issued for little Xavier Billings, describing him as a 17 Lb baby with blue eyes and blond hair who was in danger while in the custody of his parents.

Xavier’s parents, 29-year-old Andrew Billings and 19-year-old Adriana Billings, were wanted in DeKalb County in Tennessee for making meth. According to numerous media sources, the couple were last seen on November 10th in Tennessee. However, they allegedly fled the scene of a two-car accident, leaving behind their van, which police later discovered contained a mobile methamphetamine lab.

According to law enforcement officials in both the DeKalb and the White County Sheriff’s Offices, once it was discovered that the couple was missing, along with their baby, an alert was issued. After the discovery of the meth lab, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began an investigation into where the couple may have run to.

The investigation led straight to Michigan. In addition to the criminal concerns involved in this case, Tennessee Highway Patrol says that they discovered that Xavier may have a medical condition that puts him at risk. For this reason CPS was contacted in Tennessee, and once the couple was located, the concern was passed on to CPS agents here in Michigan.

In a statement released by DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick R. Ray, “We were able to gather information as to the whereabouts of the Billings family. We were able to obtain a name and address of where the Billings family might be staying. We immediately contacted the Flint Police Department, and in return, they were able to locate these individuals there.”

The Billings were located at a home in Flint at about 7 pm on Friday, where officers from the City of Flint Police Department took them into custody. They are currently being held here in Michigan, but are awaiting extradition back to DeKalb County in Tennessee, where they will face charges for Aggravated Child Abuse and Initiation of Methamphetamine Manufacture Process.

Xavier was handed over to Michigan’s Child Protective Services. No information is available about the little boy’s whereabouts other than that. Whether he is being transferred back to Tennessee to be with relatives, or kept here in Michigan and placed with a foster family, we have no idea. We also do not know if CPS here in Michigan intends to investigate the Billings family, or if the investigation will take place in Tennessee.

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