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Michigan’s Newest Mandatory Reporters

There is growing concern right here in Michigan, and nationally, about unreported sexual abuse or neglect, specifically in children. In an effort to protect those victims, Michigan law will now make physical and occupational therapists and athletic trainers mandatory reporters of reasonably suspected child abuse or neglect.  Michigan’s Child Protection Law designates certain professionals as […]

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CPS Petitions in Michigan: What You Need To Know 2

In the previous installment in this series on Michigan’s Central Registry, also known as the Abuse and Neglect Registry, we have been discussing the court process for parents who are accused of abuse or neglect. Previously we looked at the first steps in the process, where the Judge may choose to conduct a preliminary inquiry, […]

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CPS – The Best And Worst of Our Nation’s Child Welfare Programs 1

UNICEF’s Innocenti Research Centre did a study awhile back: ‘Measuring Child Poverty in the World’s Rich Countries‘. Sadly, the United States, one of the most wealthiest and most powerful nations in the developed world, ranked second on the child poverty list. How is that even possible?   According to the Children’s Defense Fund, one fifth […]

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