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  • The Movement to Quickly Report Child Abuse … Are There Downsides?

    Here in Michigan and nationally, there have been increased measures taken to protect children from neglect and abuse. Keeping children safe is of course a priority, but there is one growing consequence of this movement – falsely accused parents. Our team of experienced CPS defense attorneys sees increasing numbers of false accusations of child abuse […]

  • CPS And Your Narcissistic Spouse: Should You be Worried About False Claims of Abuse?

    Being married to a narcissist is a scary reality for a surprising number of people. The gaslighting, the lies, the manipulation. It can be a terrifying situation, and many people feel trapped in those relationships. And what makes it even worse is that so few other people can see what you see. Narcissists are usually […]

  • Homeschoolers Are Once Again The Scapegoats in a War on Logic!

    If you listen to Michigan Public Radio, then this topic comes as no surprise. You probably heard the recent interview with Rachel Coleman about regulating homeschool in Michigan, and wondered why it was that a tiny percentage of tragedies should be used to determine how thousands of families will be treated. We certainly did! Michigan […]

  • Rare Medical Condition, or Child Abuse? How Can You Tell? (Pt 2)

    Hi there, welcome back and thanks for joining us. We’ve been discussing the issue of rare medical conditions in children, and how they can sometimes lead to child abuse allegations when the symptoms aren’t correctly diagnosed. In our previous blog article we discussed what this looks like when CPS decides you’re a child abuser and […]

  • Why Would a Child Lie About Being Molested? (Pt. 1)

    Asking why a child would lie about something, ordinarily, is like asking why dogs chase their tails, or why people like ice cream. Just because. Kids lie to get what they want. They lie to avoid getting into trouble. They lie to see if they can get away with it. Sometimes, they lie for reasons […]

  • The Truth About Interviewing Victims of Child Abuse (Part 4)

    This is a series aimed at taking an in-depth look at the many challenges a forensic interviewer faces when interviewing a child.  In the previous article we talked about the issue of confirmatory bias, and why it’s so important to keep all of the collected data free from preconceived ideas. In this segment we’re going […]

  • Police Body Cameras: How Do They Affect Falsely Accused Parents? 1

    Body cameras on police officers is something that our Firm has written about a number of times in the past. In 2015, both Detroit and Bay City equipped their officers with body cameras by the end of the year. Lansing has since followed suit. And they certainly weren’t the first departments to do so. In […]

  • Inkster Father’s Life “Ruined” By CSC and Murder Charges

    22-year-old James Lee Saltmarshall was a young father whose life, while it had normal ups and downs, was pretty average. Until April 20th, when he woke up beside his 8-month-old daughter in a motel in Inkster and discovered she wasn’t breathing. Suddenly everything changed. And that was only the beginning. He performed CPS on Janiyah […]

  • Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions in Abuse Cases Pt.2

    Welcome back. We’ve been talking about the subject of wrongful convictions and how they sometimes result from false allegations of abuse. As such, we have been looking at the six most common causes of wrongful convictions, according to the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic. We know that not all of these instances relate to child […]

  • Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions in Abuse Cases Pt.1

    We’ve discussed the issue of false allegations of abuse on a number of occasions. Those articles have sparked considerable debate, and one of the issues that was brought up time and again is the issue of wrongful convictions. After all, false allegations sometimes lead to wrongful convictions, which is a heartbreaking tragedy, especially for parents. […]