Why Would a Child Lie About Being Molested? (Pt. 1)

Signs saying "Lying"
Are all reports of children being molested real? Or do children sometimes lie?

Asking why a child would lie about something, ordinarily, is like asking why dogs chase their tails, or why people like ice cream. Just because. Kids lie to get what they want. They lie to avoid getting into trouble. They lie to see if they can get away with it. Sometimes, they lie for reasons even they don’t understand. But when we’re talking about something as serious as child molestation, it’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Children lie about molestation for many reasons

When a child is being molested, they often deny it (which would count as lying) for very specific reasons. The most common ones are:

  • They’re embarrassed or ashamed of what’s happening to them, and they’re powerless to stop it, so they pretend it’s not happening.
  • They know it’s wrong, but they care for their abuser, and don’t want them to get into trouble, so they protect them by denying it.
  • They know the abuse is wrong, and they’re afraid they’ll be blamed for it, so they don’t admit it to anyone.
  • Their abuser has threatened them, or their loved ones, and they stay silent out of fear of retribution.

But why would a child make false accusations?

Those reasons explain why kids would lie to hide being molested or abused, but they don’t address the reasons children would make false allegations of abuse. And that’s a much more complicated subject. Lying about being abused, or denying abuse is relatively common and makes sense, when you think about it. But what possible reason would a child have to lie about someone else, and accuse them of being abusive?

The reasons are complicated, and may surprise you.

Claiming to be molested when you’re not a victim, seems like the most ridiculous and perverse idea to a rational person. However, a child who claims to be molested when they aren’t, isn’t doing it for rational reasons – there’s a whole lot more happening beneath the surface. Join us next time, when we’ll be unpacking some of the most common scenarios where kids make false claims of abuse, and what the results can be!

Being falsely accused of child abuse is devastating!

False allegations of abuse, especially sexual abuse of children, are very serious! If you or a loved one have been falsely accused of molesting or abusing a child, you need to take those claims seriously, even if they’re not true. Don’t wait and hope that these allegations will just go away, and don’t assume that because they’re lies, they won’t amount to anything!

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