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Does The Child Abuse Registry Need to be Reformed?

As part of their pre-election platform, the Biden administration promised that their sweeping reforms would be carefully crafted to address current racial and social justice issues. With that in mind, several family advocates are calling for US Child Welfare policies to be reformed. Specifically, the Child Abuse Registry. (Here in Michigan we call our state […]

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Should Abused Children be Held Responsible For Their Actions When They Harm Others? (Pt 1)

Anyone who has ever parented a child knows that it can be stressful. Kids, especially when they struggle with behavioral and emotional issues, or with mental health conditions, can test the limits of your patience in ways that nothing else on earth does. After all, they’re kids. Which means they haven’t yet learned to curb […]

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How The Welfare System Makes it Harder For Battered Mothers to Seek Help! (Pt 1)

Victims of domestic violence need help and support, not a state that takes their children away as punishment for the abuse they suffer! The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform has a very interesting, and honestly very sad story, about a policy California enforces that sounds unpleasantly like something you’d find right here in Michigan. […]

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Are CPS Workers Now Also Mandatory Reporters For Animal Abuse in Michigan?

abuse and animal abuse often happen hand-in-hand, and homes where animals are mistreated will often be the places where children are mistreated as well. When people think of the words “CPS worker” and “mandatory reporter” they tend to think in terms of child abuse. Specifically, the fact that CPS workers are mandatory reporters themselves, and […]

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Mom Charged With Abuse For “Unneccessary Medical Treatments”! (Pt 1)

Abusing a child through unnecessary medical treatments, surgeries and medication is a very serious allegation! Actual cases of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, where a parent is accused of seeking or administering unnecessary medical treatments to a child to get attention are incredibly rare. That’s not to say that they don’t happen, just that they don’t […]

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