Child Abuse Calls to CPS Have Increased Significantly During Quarantine!

A great many places around Michigan, and the grester US, have seen significant reductions in crime during the quarantine. Murder, sexual assault and burglary numbers have dropped well below the average for this time of year, and that’s great. But when you trap families together in their homes with very little relief and no fixed end date in sight, there are other concerns that come to the fore. And one of them is child abuse.

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Child welfare agencies around Michigan and in other states have all stated that they’ve seen a spike in the number of child abuse and neglect calls they’ve recieved since quaratine started. But why is that? What could have contributed to the sudden rise in cases of child abuse around Michigan and throughout the nation? We’re going to look at the most common explanations right here…

Why are more children facing the risk of abuse right now?

Greater stress means a greater chance for potential abuse!

This is a very tough time for parents. Many parents have lost their jobs, or been temporarily “laid off” as we all shelter in place during the global pandemic. This means that not only are parents not getting a break from their children (which their jobs would normally have provided them) but they have also lost their incomes, which is extremely stressful as they face potential poverty and financial hardship

Kids being home from school presents its own challenges.

Kids have been out of school for 5 weeks now, as the governor shut all Michigan schools down in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid19. So even parents who have been able to keep their jobs are beset with different challenges, as they try to work from home while simultaneously homeschooling their kids and keeping them entertained. Especially with younger kids, it can prove extremely difficult, and give rise to a lot of frustration and anger.

Children with medical conditions may be even harder to deal with.

For parents whose children suffer complex medical conditions, behavioral disorders, or mental health challenges, they are accustomed to a certain level of support being available. Whether it’s the break offered by days spent at school, or supportive therapies or in-home visiting nurse options, many parents with special needs kids are reliant on support services to get through the day. During the quarantine, when many of those services are no longer offered, parents are struggling with the challenges of handling their special needs kids all day every day without relief or assistance of any kind.

Substance abuse also makes life harder during quarantine.

Parents struggling with alcohol or drug abuse are already facing enormous challenges when it comes to their parenting routines. But now that their kids are home 24/7, needing to be constantly fed, entertained, and educated, those challenges become even more pronounced. As instances of domestic violence rise as well, children are more likely to witness violence in the home, and be subject to violence themselves. And substance abuse only exacerbates this problem.

If you’ve been accused of child abuse, call The Kronzek Firm immediately!

We are living in unprecedented times, and facing unique challenges, both as individuals and as parents and caregivers. Here at The Kronzek Firm, we understand it’s a hard time for everyone, and parents are being stretched to their limits (and sometimes beyond!). But you don’t have to defend your children and your parental rights alone when things get out of hand.  if you or a loved one have been accused of abuse or neglect, or have a CPS worker making accusations against you, contact us immediately at 866 766 5245. The skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have been successfully defending parental rights for decades. We’re here to help you too!