CPS And Your Narcissistic Spouse: Should You be Worried About False Claims of Abuse?

Being married to a narcissist is a scary reality for a surprising number of people. The gaslighting, the lies, the manipulation. It can be a terrifying situation, and many people feel trapped in those relationships. And what makes it even worse is that so few other people can see what you see. Narcissists are usually so good at playing the victim, or convincing others that they are wonderful charming people, and if something is wrong in the relationship it must be the other person. So what do you do when that other person is you? And when the people they’re lying to are workers from Child Protective Services?

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Narcissists tend to make false accusations to get back at you.

A narcissist wants to be in control. So as long as you’re under their thumb, they probably won’t feel compelled to use false allegations of child abuse against you as a threat. But in cases like divorce or separation, where a narcissist feels that they are losing control of their victim, they’re likely to lash out. And that’s where CPS sometimes gets used as a threat, or even a tool to re-establish control. If that sounds like your situation, then you have a serious fight on your hands, and you’re going to need help from an attorney experienced in dealing with CPS. 

Don’t let a narcissist keep you from your children by lying about you.

Narcissists are known for being very charming and likable when they want to be. As a result, attorneys, mediators, judges and even Friend of the Court workers can be taken in by them. Being seduced by a narcissist isn’t a sexual seduction, but rather a reference to a narcissist’s ability to deceive people into believing that they’re the “good” person, or the “victim,” and that the spouse who is trying to get away from them is the “bad” one. If your narcissistic spouse is lying about you to CPS, you need to fight back aggressively. This isn’t going to just go away because you want it to. And it certainly isn’t a good idea to just sit back and hope that the truth will win out. 

Fighting lies is hard work, and requires help from experienced professionals.

Narcissists are known for using their children as pawns during contentious divorces and custody battles to achieve their own ends. Which means, if it suits their purposes to lie in order to alienate the other parent, make false accusations of abuse, or even make veiled threats, they will do so. And because they’re very good at lying, and at convincing people that they’re right, they can be extremely convincing. That’s why you have to get help from people who understand what you’re up against, and can help you protect your children and your parenting rights.

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Fighting false allegations of abuse in Michigan, and dealing with child abuse rules and regulations can be very overwhelming. Many people don’t realize how complex the system is, and how hard it is to fight against lies in court. So if you’re involved with a narcissist and you’re afraid they’ve been dishonest about the way you treat your kids, call our experienced and aggressive CPS defense attorneys at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.