Accident or Neglectful Parenting? What Happens When a Child Goes Missing?

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When a child goes missing, few people stop to consider the CPS investigation that follows the frantic hunt for that child…

Whenever a child goes missing in the movies, the story tends to focus on the frantic manhunt, and the relief parents experience when the child is finally found. Which makes sense, because that’s what parents and loved ones are experiencing when a kid turns up missing. At first it’s all denial and horror and anxiety, and then relief and gratitude when it’s all over. But what doesn’t usually get covered is the CPS investigation that follows the search.

“Why was your child lost in the first place? Are you a crappy parent? Are you neglectful? Do you even deserve to be a parent? Perhaps we should take your child away and give them to someone who can take better care of them…”

A current case in Detroit showcases this dilemma…

A father and his young son were headed to McDonalds when it started to rain. Having no umbrella, they took shelter under the porch of an empty home nearby to wait it out. But the darkness and the late hour got the better of the father. He dozed, and then finally fell asleep, and when he woke up several hours later, his son was gone.

The hunt was on. Cops were called, and a search party was initiated to hunt for the missing boy. In the end, the little boy was found only yards from where his father had been, huddled in some undergrowth in his coat for warmth. But the cops weren’t happy to see the father and son reunited. Instead, they believe there is something wrong with the father for allowing this to happen. “It’s cold weather still, a little boy should not be out at midnight, of course that’s just good parenting to have your kid home in bed so there is some problem on the adult here.” said DPD Commander Darin Szilagy.

Police say the father couldn’t keep his story straight…

According to the officers investigating this incident, the father claimed he lived downriver, but couldn’t provide a good explanation for why he was in the area. They also say that his explanations and stories kept changing, making them suspicious. A source inside the police told the media that at this point criminal charges are likely, and the father is suspected of child abuse because he was not sufficiently vigilant, allowing his child to go missing, which is construed as neglect.

CPS has also been notified, which mean this father is probably going to be put on the child abuser registry, even if there are no charges against him. Also, there’s a chance his son will be taken away from him, or that he will be ordered by the court to attend parenting classes or do regular drug tests before the court will allow him to parent his son again.

Once CPS gets involved, everything gets much more complicated…

Being accused of neglecting a child, or even abusing a child is horrifying. Especially when it’s your own child that you love and cherish! But if that’s what you’re up against, then you need is a tenacious and hard working attorney on your team. So call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245 and get the help you need. We’ll fight furiously for your family, and defend you against the lies and false allegations of the state. We’re here for you, and we can help.