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CPS Called For Children in Suspected DUI Accident

Children’s Protective Services was contacted by the Flint Police Department regarding a recent car accident involving two young children. It is worth noting that officers who respond to crash scenes do not usually report the incident to CPS unless there are children involved along with other factors where the child is suspected of being at risk of harm. In this particular case, police believed that alcohol or drugs were possible factors in the accident.


According to records from the Flint Police Department, at 2:58 am officers were alerted to a single car accident that had taken place at the intersection of North Franklin and Hamilton Avenues. A  Chevrolet Impala had apparently been travelling south, when it drifted off the road and collided with a no-parking sign and a utility pole on the side of the road.


First responders on the scene discovered that in addition to the 26-year-old female driver, there were also two children in the car at the time. All three were hurt, and were transported to Hurley Medical Center. The 6-year-old girl was listed as being in good condition by medical staff, but the 8-year-old boy was listed as being in critical condition. As of now, we have no update on his current condition, nor on the woman’s condition.


The officers investigating the accident believe that intoxicants may have played a role in the accident.


This is one of the reasons why they alerted CPS. In the event that the investigation reveals that the driver was intoxicated behind the wheel, she will most likely face charges. Since there were children in the vehicle at the time, and they were harmed in the accident, those charges are likely to be very serious.


Under Michigan law, Child Endangerment is a charge that refers to a driver being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, with a minor under the age of 15 in the vehicle at the time. This crime is charged along with the underlying drunk or drugged driving charge. If there is an accident or injury, the charges can be far more serious.


In addition, if the driver is the parent or guardian of the children in the vehicle, CPS can open an investigation. This can lead to all manner of state oversight and involvement in how a person raises their children, from mandatory substance abuse and parenting classes, all the way to a possible termination of parental rights.

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