CPS Defense Attorneys Need to be Willing to Fight!

Obviously, every attorney representing a client and hoping for the best possible outcome in that case needs to fight. It’s what attorneys do. But when it comes to CPS, it’s a different battle ground, and there are different rules. And unfortunately, given the rather depressing history that CPS has with the court – where for so long there was no accountability and no questioning claims and allegations made by the agency – it’s easy to understand why CPS defense attorneys feel so beaten down. 

A black and white picture of a man wearing boxing gloves and training to fight.

But that’s changing. CPS is being held to a higher standard in recent years. More and more, agency workers are being held accountable for their choices, and being punished by the court when they fail to follow procedure properly. So the landscape of this battle is slowly being levelled, and CPS defense attorneys are no longer waging fruitless wars against unbeatable opponents. Which means they need to dig in now and fight harder than ever!

CPS workers are no longer allowed to do whatever they want

It’s easy to understand why CPS defense attorneys get discouraged. They’ve been pushing a giant rock uphill for decades, only to watch it roll back down, again and again. CPS workers tend to be opinionated, and often make assumptions about parents without having all the facts. But what’s so disheartening is how unwilling they are to work with families and their attorneys, and how quickly the courts simply bend to their will. But that’s changing, thank goodness. 

Many studies have been done in recent years supporting the idea that children do better when not separated from their parents. Courts are now aware of how damaging foster care can be for kids, and why faster reunification is always optimal (when possible) for kids who were already taken from their homes. As such, the rock has become lighter. Defense attorneys are now able to make more headway in CPS defense cases. And CPS workers are being required to fully explain why they’ve separated families. So they tend to do it a little less, which is good.

Now is the time to fight hardest for Michigan parents and their kids!

CPS defense attorneys may feel paralysed after decades of pushing against a locked door, but that’s not the case anymore. So now is the time to shake off that sense of learned helplessness and dig in. Push back against incorrect assumptions. Demand fair treatment for parents. Raise your expectations of how you deserve to be treated by the court, and then fight for that treatment. It doesn’t mean you’ll get everything you want, but you’ll get a whole lot more than if you just roll over and let CPS treat you like a doormat!

Here at The Kronzek Firm we’ve never stopped fighting. We’ve seen the hypocrisy and unfairness that CPS brings to the table, and have experienced their bullying tactics firsthand. We know how unreasonable CPS workers can be, but we have a long history of success battling that agency. We’ve been helping Michigan parents fight to defend their rights and protect their children for decades, and we can help you too. If CPS has accused you of child abuse or neglect, call 866 766 5245 immediately and let our seasoned fighters help you out.