How Long Can A CPS Investigation Be Open?

Children’s Protective Services, or CPS, cannot remove a child in the State of Michigan without a court order unless there are emergency circumstances. In those cases, a police officer must be present for the removal and a hearing must be held within 24 hours of the removal.   As an internal policy, a CPS investigation must start within 24 hours upon notice of allegations and must be complete within 30 days. That is a lot of time for things to go in your favor, or to be to your detriment. 

What does a CPS investigator consider in the investigation? 

A CPS investigator is tasked with considering whether there are other reasons that a family has been reported to CPS. For example, the investigator is supposed to evaluate who made the complaint and what are the conditions that the child experiences. Have there been injuries? Is there enough supervision of the child? Is someone abusing the child? 

Can an investigator take away my child during the 30-day investigation period?

CPS investigators must file petitions with the court to get the court to order that a child is to be removed from his or her home (except in emergency circumstances). If there is not enough evidence, then a court may deny the CPS investigator’s petition. 

Help! The CPS investigator wants to take my kids away! 

If CPS suspects that you contributed to the abuse or neglect of your child, they may remove your child from your care and custody. It is a scary thing to be faced with, and an experienced CPS defense attorney can help you defend yourself and work hard to keep your kids with you.

The Kronzek Firm will fight to help keep your family together

The skilled CPS defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have a great track record when dealing with CPS. We know exactly how the investigators can undermine struggling parents, and make it seem like you are doing something wrong by doing your best. 

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