Did You Think CPS Only Takes Kids Away From Abusive Parents? Think Again! (Pt 1)

Most people think of CPS workers as angels who swoop in to save children from horribly abusive homes. From negligent or violent parents who aren’t fit to care for them. And in some cases they’re right. But that certainly isn’t the only time CPS removes a kid from their family. Sometimes it’s for something far less obvious. And sometimes it’s for downright ridiculous reasons. Which is heartbreaking.

A child sitting alone on the beach with his back to the camera

If you’ve ever read a story in the news about CPS taking a child away from their parents, chances are you just assumed that parent must have done something awful to warrant having the state step in. But you’d be amazed at how often the parents in question are good, loving people, who simply got caught up in circumstances beyond their control. Or made a decision the CPS worker didn’t agree with. Or chose to parent their kids in a way that someone else didn’t like. There are so many of these situations here in Michigan. And the agency takes kids all the time for ridiculous reasons.

Spanking a child can lead to a CPS removal.

Michigan law allows parents to use “reasonable force” when disciplining a child. But there’s no clear definition of what “reasonable” is in the law. So what one person thinks is reasonable could look like abuse in another person’s opinion. So if you decide to spank your kids in Michigan, be aware that you might have to explain your disciplinary choices to a CPS worker or a Judge. 

If you decide to spank your kids, but you don’t want to deal with CPS (and who would?) a good rule of thumb would be to not leave any marks on your children. However, remember that all your child has to do is mention to a teacher or daycare provider that their parent “hits” them, and you could find a CPS worker at your house asking invasive questions about your disciplinary choices anyway. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time CPS takes a kid from their home for being spanked.

Leaving your kids unattended can result in them being taken away.

Michigan law doesn’t specify at what age a parent can safely leave their child unattended. According to CPS, they don’t have a specific age in their policies either, but they do have guidelines. For example, children aged 7 and younger should never be left alone for any period of time, but kids aged 8 to 10 could be left alone for short periods of time during daylight hours. But just because they don’t specify, doesn’t mean they won’t punish you if they think you made a bad choice.

CPS in Michigan has a long history of persecuting parents for allowing their children certain freedoms. Allowing a child to play baseball with their friends in the park, or walk to the bus stop alone might sound like an opportunity to develop responsibility and independence, but CPS might not see it that way. Unless you were right there with them, you run the risk of being accused of endangering or neglecting your children.

Protect your parenting rights from an invasive state agency.

These certainly aren’t the only reasons why CPS might decide that your children aren’t safe in your care. And they certainly aren’t the only reasons the agency takes kids away from their parents. Once a CPS worker decides that your child is at risk of abuse or neglect in your home and steps in to remove them, you have an uphill battle to get your child back as soon as possible. And it’s a battle you definitely shouldn’t try to fight alone!

If your family is torn apart, and your children are in someone else’s care, you’re up against the state (which can feel like fighting a Titan!). What you need now is a tenacious and hard working CPS defense attorney on your team. So call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245 and get the help you need. We’ll fight furiously for your family, and defend you against the lies and false allegations of the state. We’re here for you, and we can help. And don’t forget to join us next time for a look at a few more ridiculous reasons CPS may step in and take your kids away!