Factors That Could Influence CPS When it Comes to Removing Your Kids (Pt 4)

Dentist and child
Dental care is very important, and not taking care of your children’s teeth properly can lead CPS to believe you’re a neglectful parent.

Thanks for joining us for the final wrap up of this talk about what could affect a CPS worker’s decision when it comes to removing your kids from your home. In the previous three articles we looked at a number of different factors than can all play a role in making you look like a neglectful parent (even if you really aren’t!) like lice, improper clothes for the season, unwashed hair and personal hygiene issues. But there’s more – specifically, poor oral hygiene and unmet medical needs.

Poor oral health:

If the dental truck comes to your kid’s school and they identify a problem with your kids teeth, like cavities or degraded enamel, you need to get on that right away. It may sound obvious, but for kids who aren’t bothered by their cavities (so they never mention their pain or discomfort) or for parents who don’t understand how health insurance works for their kids, this can be a daunting process. So you put it off, and figure you’ll deal with it later… and before you know it the dental truck is back and they notice you never addressed those concerns they sent you a note about last time. Possible call to CPS for child neglect? Maybe…

Caring for your children’s teeth, and teaching them to care for their own teeth, is an important part of maintaining overall health. Parents who are viewed as not prioritizing their children’s health can be labelled neglectful by CPS. Even things like cavities left too long, or long periods of improper brushing leading to severe tartar build up could lead a CPS worker to think that your kids aren’t being properly parented, especially if those factors come into play with other issues as well.

Unmet medical needs:

Kids health is a daunting subject for many parents. Those little bodies seem to succumb so quickly when something goes wrong, and it doesn’t take much to tip a child’s health over the edge. Combine that with the fact that kids often don’t want to report injuries because they’re afraid of going to the doctor, or worse – getting shots, and certain medical conditions can go unmet for longer than they should.

A sniffle that you thought was just a rough cold but turns out to be an awful sinus infection. A rash that you thought was caused by heat turns out to be something seriously contagious, like hand, foot and mouth disease. Even those hard-to-pindown symptoms of tick bite fever that turn into full blown lymes disease without you even realizing your kid was ever at risk. All of these and more can contribute to a CPS worker’s dim perspective of your parenting skills. And once CPS thinks you’re doing a bad job of caring for your sick kids, you can’t get rid of them.

Don’t let misunderstanding and mistakes rob you of your right to parent.

Many Michigan families struggle to pay their bills, to adequately feed and clothe their kids, and to meet all of the many requirements that come with raising another human being. But just because you may have made a mistake, doesn’t mean you should have your family torn apart and your kids placed in another home. So if CPS shows up at your home, wanting to look into allegations of neglect, call The Kronzek Firm immediately and make sure your family is properly protected.

Our skilled and tenacious CPS defense attorneys have spent decades helping parents from all over Michigan to protect their parental rights. We know how easily something small can be blown out of proportion by a jaded CPS worker, and how easy it is to hurl accusations at a parent who is struggling to hold it together while dealing with poverty, mental illness and a host of other challenges. But we can help. So call 866 766 5245, and get help from the people who can fight this battle with you, and help you achieve the best possible outcomes in your case.