Reaching Out For Help Sometimes Results in Being Reported to CPS!

Parenting is hard. Everyone who has ever raised a child knows that. And it’s even harder if you try to do it alone. However, for many people, reaching out for help when it comes to parenting our children and keeping them safe and cared for, can actually make things worse. How is that possible, you wonder? 

A "call us" logo, denoting the fact that some people call for help, but get into trouble with CPS anyway.

Well, when your parenting choices are being scrutinised by the state, and your potential mistakes (or maybe even just decisions you make that don’t line up with the state’s recommendations) are being viewed as “bad parenting choices”, trying to get help may result in CPS getting involved in your family’s life. And that’s never a good thing!

The Poison Control Center sometimes reports to CPS

Little kids get into everything. Crawling babies put everything in their mouths. Toddlers investigate the world around them by tasting and eating all sorts of things that aren’t edible, or even safe. So what does a conscientious parent do? Make sure that all toxic chemicals and potentially harmful household products are packed away, of course. But what about everyday items that aren’t poisonous? Like toothpaste, or dish detergent, or hand sanitizer?

If your child eats something harmful, or puts something in their mouth that’s dangerous in large quantities, what do you do? You call the local poison control center, of course! But did you know that poison control centers sometimes report to CPS, or to law enforcement. If they think a child may be in danger (which is hard for them to assess because they’re not physically present) they will report the parent’s location and identifying information to local law enforcement, or to child protective services.

CMH reports to CPS when parents go against their medical advice

If a child is brought in to the crisis response center at a local Community Mental Health Department for any reason, and they get committed to a psychiatric hospital or a “safe house”, the crisis response worker on duty will tell you that they can’t force you to follow their advice. They will recommend that your child be committed for their own safety, but they will be clear about the fact that it’s a recommendation, not a requirement they can enforce.

What they don’t tell you is that if you go against their medical advice, they’ll report you to CPS and you’ll be investigated for medical neglect. According to Michigan law, medical neglect is when a parent or guardian refuses to allow a child the necessary medical care that they require in order to be as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, in this case, CMH will argue that they’re medical professionals and you’re not. That means your kid will end up locked in a psych ward even if you don’t think they need to be there, or you’ll be reported and investigated by CPS.

Once CPS is involved, it’s really hard to get them out of your life!

Once you’ve been reported to CPS to medical neglect, or any type of possible child abuse, even if the allegations are completely unfounded, you’ll be investigated. A CPS investigation is invasive, demeaning, and frustrating. Every part of your life is pried open and examined by strangers, who will judge your parenting choices and all sorts of other things, from the way you clean your home to the groceries you buy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245 today you can be part of a team that will work to keep your family safe, and keep CPS out of your family’s life.