Unsecured Guns in Your Home Could Spell Disaster! (Pt. 1)

Unsecured guns at home where there are kids is a recipe for tragedy of all kinds!


There is hardly a season that goes by anymore without some very unfortunately news making the headlines about an injured child, and a gun that was left where they could get it. Whether it’s in a glovebox of the parent’s car, in a closet at home, or tucked under the bed where it’s available for easy access by adults (and sadly also children), guns are regularly being found and used by children in Michigan. And in many cases, those situations lead to terrible injuries, and even deaths.


Children who find unsecured guns at home often hurt themselves or others. There have been hundreds of documented cases over the years, of children who have accidentally shot themselves, siblings, or friends. In many of those cases, the wounded children died. And to add to the tragedy faced by their parents, the families are then investigated by CPS and the remaining children are removed by the state.


A current case in Flint is a classic example of this tragedy!


A recent example of this tragedy is the situation in Flint, where a couple is facing criminal charges after one of their twin daughters found and fired a loaded handgun in their home. 32-year-old Eric Brown and 31-year-old Alicia Brown were both apparently at home with their four children, when one of their 4-year-old twin daughters discovered the gun in a toy closet.


The girl was playing with it and fired it by accident, which resulted in an injury to one of her fingers. She was transported to Hurley Medical Center, but in the end, the damage was so extensive, her finger had to be amputated.


The family is unlikely to stay together in the wake of this investigation


According to investigators assigned to the case, the Browns often kept handguns and rifles in the same closet where they kept their children’s toys. The Browns are both facing multiple charges, including Second Degree Child Abuse, Obstruction of Justice, and Lying to Police. CPS had opened an investigation into the couple’s situation, which is pretty standard, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining children were removed and placed with relatives or in foster care.


Parents who do not secure their guns and other dangerous weapons are usually viewed as being negligent by CPS workers. Even if the gun was well hidden, once a child finds it, all bets are off. Guns are dangerous when in the hands of children, and the response from law enforcement and CPS is usually swift and unforgiving.


CPS workers take weapons in the home very seriously!


CPS takes a very dim view of guns in the home. In fact, CPS will not place a child with a foster family if that family owns guns. Even if the guns are all legally obtained, all licensed, and properly locked away in the house. That’s how big of a deal guns are to CPS workers. So if you keep a gun in your home, and you have children, know that as far as CPS workers are concerned, your children are already at risk!


Join us next time, for the continuation of this discussion on children and guns in the home. Until them, if you or a loved one have been accused of endangering or neglecting a child in Michigan, you’re going to need help from a highly skilled child abuse defense attorney. So call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 right now and talk to someone who can make a difference!


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