Will Faith Healing Couple Face Child Abuse Charges After All?

A baby sleeping curled up in a nest surrounded by feathers, symbolizing an infant who'se medical needs were neglected, resulting in their death.
After letting their first jaundiced baby die, and having their second removed by the state, the Piland’s may have to face child abuse charges for choosing faith healing.

Joshua and Rachel Piland have been in the news a lot lately. Between CPS and the Michigan family court, they have been caught between a rock and a hard place since making the controversial decision to refuse medical care for their baby based on their religion. It all started when their baby daughter, Abigail, was born in 2017, with jaundice. The Pilands refused medical treatment for her, citing their religious beliefs, and as a result she died. 

CPS stepped in and took their other kids!

Eventually the police were called, and they reached out to Child Protective Services. CPS investigated the family and decided the couple’s choice to deny their baby medical treatment meant that their other children may be in danger of neglect. So CPS took their remaining three children and placed them in foster care. 

And then it happened all over again!

But Rachel Piland became pregnant shortly after Abigail died, and the second baby was also born with jaundice. Once again, the Pilands decided that prayer was the answer, and waited on a faith healing. They refused to seek out medical treatment for their newborn. Fearing that the baby would die as well, CPS swooped in and took her away from her parents, and placed her in a hospital where she received the necessary treatment to save her life.

The court said the Pilands had the right to make that choice.

CPS petitioned the court to have the Piland’s parental rights to their newest baby terminated. But in the end the Michigan Supreme Court decided that it wasn’t child neglect to withhold medical care from your children if you’re doing so because of legitimate religious beliefs. This is because Michigan law clearly states that “A parent or guardian legitimately practicing his religious beliefs who thereby does not provide specified medical treatment for a child, for that reason alone shall not be considered a negligent parent or guardian.”

Now another Judge has agreed to murder charges against them…

However, a few days ago Ingham County Circuit Court Judge James Jamo gave prosecutors permission to file murder and child abuse charges against the Pilands, who believe in faith healing. These charges, which stem from Abigail’s death in 2017, have come in the wake of what the prosecutors are calling  “significant factual changes” that they got from medical reports about Abigail’s death. 

Fighting child abuse allegations can be extremely challenging!

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