CPS Defense Lawyers: Michigan’s Top Children’s Protective Services Defense Team

Kronzek & Cronkright Michigan CPS Defense Lawyers Michigan CPS Defense Lawyers- Kronzek & Cronkright Michigan’s Top Children’s Services Defense Team

The CPS defense law firm of Kronzek & Cronkright PLLC is based in Michigan and offers aggressive Children’s Protective Services defense (also known as CPS defense) to parents in cases involving charges of neglect, abuse and child molestation. Children’s Protective Services proceedings can be very stressful for parents and harmful to children. We help protect Michigan families from termination of parental rights and removal of sons and daughters. If Michigan’s Children’s Protective Services is involved in your life, you need the aggressive CPS defense team at Kronzek & Cronkright. Our experienced team of trial lawyers has a proven track record of successful results in Michigan courts. Statewide, they are known as thorough and tenacious attorneys who leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice for parents. They will work to keep your family together and get CPS out of your life.