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Michigan Child Molestation Defense Lawyers

An allegation of Child Molestation can be a life-shattering accusation, you need the best defense you can find!

The Michigan child abuse defense lawyers at Kronzek & Cronkright are experienced in representing clients who are facing child sexual abuse and child molestation charges. Children’s Protective Services, a division of Michigan’s Department of Human Services, will likely become involved in a thorough and invasive investigation if you have been accused of child abuse. You need, and you deserve, to have a defense lawyer on your side who can aggressively assert your rights and fight for your freedom.

You may lose custody of your child or children if you are accused of child molestation. Once Children’s Protective Services (CPS) becomes involved, everything is at stake. In cases involving child sexual abuse, law enforcement and CPS agents will do whatever they can to safeguard the child or children involved and may therefore make an arrest, conduct an investigation, and even file criminal charges against a parent or guardian who did not actually do anything wrong.

Sexual Allegations of
Child Abuse in Michigan

The nature of child sexual abuse allegations and the public outcry against child abuse as a whole means that an individual accused of child molestation faces a ruined reputation, criminal charges, and severe penalties if convicted of this offense. Imprisonment, fines, probation, and sex offender registration are a few of the penalties that can be imposed.

However, with an experienced and aggressive Michigan child sexual abuse defense attorney at your side, you have the chance to avoid a conviction for false child molestation allegations.

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Michigan Child Sexual
Abuse Defense Attorneys

A parent may file child sexual abuse charges against another parent for reasons of revenge, anger, or jealousy. A relative or parent may coax a child into making false allegations in an effort to gain custody of a child. A person may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time and was therefore falsely accused of child molestation when nothing actually took place.

Whatever the particular circumstances of your case, there is no question that you need a defense lawyer at your side immediately in order to have your rights protected. At Kronzek & Cronkright, our lawyers have over 80 years of combined legal experience and take on cases throughout Michigan. Our dedication and commitment to our clients is the reason for our track record of success and why we can help you reach a positive outcome for your child sexual abuse or child molestation case.

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