Can Education Reduce Child Abuse Numbers in Michigan?

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Will raising awareness and teaching people how to recognize child abuse , along with better equipping parents make a difference in reducing Michigan’s high child abuse numbers?

April was child abuse prevention month, and all over Michigan nonprofits and other organizations came together to raise awareness and funding to combat child abuse. Then, just a few short weeks ago, the Kids Count report was released, and we saw that the numbers for child abuse in Michigan have actually gone up in the last year. So what can be done to stem the tide and address this growing problem here in the Great Lakes state? According to Emily Yeager, the President and CEO of CAN Council (Child Abuse & Neglect Council), the answer lies in education.

CAN education reduce child abuse in Michigan?

The Kids Count report revealed that confirmed child abuse and neglect cases rose 19% in Bay County between 2016 and 2017. In Saginaw county they went up 6%. Which is why the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region believes they have no choice but to act, and do it now! “What else could we be doing to drive those numbers down,” Yeager says they’ve been asking themselves, and the answer, they believe, lies in better education.

Raising awareness will go long way towards reducing child abuse.

“That’s something that we’ve seen a great demand for in Saginaw and Bay Counties, is that parent education piece. And we offer evidence-based programs currently, and the need for it is so large in both of our counties.” Yeager explains. Abuse and neglect of children, she says, need to end now, and she won’t ever stop trying to find ways to eradicate it completely. “That’s why we’re here.” she says. “You know we have a really committed group of employees, board of directors, and contributors who really believe in what we’re doing!”

No man is an island – and they need help!

But to be successful, they’re going to need the help of their communities. “Is there a church or civic group, a company that we could come speak to about the signs of child abuse, how to report it, how to respond to children who come to you if they say that they’ve been abused.” Yeager elaborated. “Do you want to be a part of a fundraiser, whether it’s planning it or making a contribution, there’s something for everybody to contribute to ending this problem of child abuse and neglect.”

Less child abuse means less CPS involvement in families lives

And those are both prospects we can get excited about! Less child abuse is always a good thing – for children and for the communities they live in. But less child abuse also carries the side benefit of reducing the number of CPS involvement with Michigan families, which would be great! Traditionally, CPS on your doorstep means foster care for your kids, invasive bullying from the state, court dates, and the possibility that your kids won’t be your for much longer. So any action that protects Michigan’s children and reduces the amount of contact Michigan families have to have with CPS is a good thing!

If CPS has accused you of abusing or neglecting a child…

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