CPS is Trying to Terminate my Parental Rights! What Happens Now? (Pt 1)

Having a CPS worker show up at your house is very scary. Having them decide to take your kids away and place them in foster care is terrifying. But finding out that CPS is trying to terminate your parental rights has got to be one of the worst feelings a parent could ever experience. So if that’s what you’re up against, then you’re probably here because you’re frightened and confused and angry and heart-broken. And who could blame you? So if you’re looking for answers about what comes next once a parental rights termination case has started, and you want to know what you can do to solve this problem, then we’d like to help.

A woman looking worried and afraid

Your first move MUST be to get an experienced parental rights defense attorney!

CPS is an institution. They have a huge budget at their disposal, and the power of the state on their side. So fighting CPS can be a very overwhelming process, and that’s why you should NEVER try to do it alone. If Michigan CPS has inserted themselves into your family life, and is trying to take your children away from you, your first call should be to The Kronzek Firm to ensure that you’ve got a fierce team fighting alongside you in this battle. Because that’s exactly what this is – a battle. And you need help from people who’ve won wars and understand exactly what type of weapons will be used, and how to defend and counter-attack successfully.

If CPS is petitioning to terminate your parental rights, that means…

It means they’ve already done an investigation, and the CPS worker assigned to your case has decided that your children are the victims of abuse and/or neglect. In cases where CPS substantiates the allegations made against parents, but they decide that the risk has passed or the problem can be solved by keeping the family together and offering services, they try to pursue that option. However, in cases where they think the kids are still at risk, or they believe that the abuse or neglect was severe (which is called a Category 1 or 2 level), they will usually remove the children and in some circumstances try to get the parent’s rights terminated.

Once your kids have been removed from your home…

If a CPS worker has already taken your children from you and placed them into the foster care system, it is going to be a long, hard road to get them back. At this point you are dealing with not just CPS, but the court as well. You will have to prove to a judge that you are not an abusive parent, and that you can provide your children with a safe home where you can meet their needs. This doesn’t happen overnight. You may be required to take parenting classes, or anger management classes, or even undergo substance abuse treatment. Every case is different, but that’s why having an experienced CPS defense attorney on your side is critical!

Do you get a say in who keeps your kids while they’re in the system?

Yes and no. When children are removed by CPS workers, they will often try to place those kids with family members or relatives, if that’s an option. If that’s not possible, they’ll be placed with a foster family who’s licensed by the state, but are strangers to your children. If you want your kids to stay with certain family members, have that contact info ready to provide to the CPS worker. Remember, hiding your children, or trying to run away with them to another state will only make things worse! Once the court has ordered that your children be removed from your care, refusing to comply can mean you’ll be charged with kidnapping!

You have a long road ahead of you!

Join us next time for a look at what comes next in the process, and what you can do to ensure that you get your kids back. Until then, if you or a loved one is contacted by CPS, you need to call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 immediately! Our skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys can walk you through everys tep of this process, from the possible criminal charges, to the CPS defense and representation in family court. We understand what you are up against, and how hard this is going to be, and we’re prepared to fight for your parental rights to the end.