Did You Think CPS Only Takes Kids Away From Abusive Parents? Think Again! (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this look at why CPS removes kids from their homes, and why it’s not always for the reasons you’d think. As we mentioned in the previous article, most people think CPS workers only take children from abusive parents. And that certainly happens – we’ll be the first to admit that child abuse is a very real problem, and there are children in danger as we speak. But that’s not the only reason agency workers take children away from their homes and parents. And some of the reasons are pretty ridiculous.

CPS takes children away from their families for all sorts of reasons - and not all of them are what you'd suspect.

CPS workers are expected to make decisions in the moment about whether or not a child is at risk of further harm or neglect. In many cases, they assume the worst and remove children who aren’t at risk in any way, simply because they don’t agree with choices a parent made about how to raise their own kids. As we mentioned before, things like spanking as a form of discipline, and leaving children unattended at home (even if the parents think they’re mature and responsible enough) can get your kids taken away by the state.

Not complying with a doctor’s orders can result in a CPS removal

Believe it or not, disagreeing with a doctor can end with CPS taking away your children. There have been many instances over the years of doctors giving parents advice and then calling CPS when those parents decide to take a different route with their child’s medical care. Situations where medical staff were unwilling to accept a second opinion, or a treatment was decided to be in your child’s best interests, but you refused it.

In those cases, a doctor could reach out to the state and report you for medical neglect. A CPS worker will show up and conduct an investigation. If they accept the doctor’s version of events (which they often do – after all, the doctor is the educated professional and you’re ‘just a parent’) then you will be accused of neglecting your child’s medical needs. That would be no diffenter tin the eyes of the state, to a parent who neglects to meet their child’s other critical needs, like food and shelter. At which point, the child is considered to be in danger, and CPS can justify the removal.

Allegations of sexual abuse could get a child removed

Any time a child is thought to be the victim of any type of sexual assault, they are considered to have been abused. If you, or someone in your family is believed to be guilty of sexually abusing a child, you better believe the state will take that child away from you faster than you can blink. Even if the allegations are complete fabrications. Even if there’s no truth to the claims at all. It makes no difference. In these types of situations, you have to prove your innocence, and not the other way around.

But how does it happen? And why? Well, there are all sorts of circumstances where someone could be accused of sexually assault against a child. Your partner could file child sexual abuse charges against you for revenge, or out of anger or jealousy. A relative or parent might entice a child to make those kinds of false claims to gain custody of a child during a divorce. Or you may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and be falsely accused when you never did anything wrong. There could be all kinds of reasons. But the end result is the same – the state steals your kids and you end up fighting to get them back.

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