Do I Have To Release My Child’s Medical Records to CPS? (Part 1)

Ask yourself, why does CPS want these records, and what will they do with the information?


When a parent is suspected of child abuse or neglect by CPS, every aspect of their parenting comes under scrutiny by Child Protective Services. How they care for their children, what (and how often) their children are fed, and how they spend their free time will be reviewed. Even issues like how conflict is handled in the home and how children are disciplined with be investigated. But one of the most difficult, and sometimes most invasive issues parents face during this time is the issue of their child’s medical records.


Sometimes when a parent is involved in a CPS investigation due to allegations of neglect or abuse, they will be asked to sign over their children’s medical records to CPS for review. And for many parents, when they are faced with the possibility of losing their child, they will sign whatever document and agree to whatever terms are put in front of them. However, this can be a major mistake!


Do you know what is included in your children’s medical records?


The truth is that most parents don’t actually know what information their child’s medical records contain. Have you ever seen your child’s full medical records? Probably not – most parent’s haven’t. In many cases, when we have retrieved copies of their children’s medical records for our clients, they have been shocked (and in some cases horrified) at what they’ve found in those pages!


And as if the issue isn’t bad enough already, there is also the issue of accuracy. Not everything in your child’s medical record is likely to be accurate. And that misinformation could ultimately be used against you by a CPS worker looking to prove that you are a negligent parent.


Ask yourself, why does CPS want these records?


This is something that few people stop to consider when CPS tells them they need to provide the agency access to their children’s medical records. Why would the agency need this information? What are they looking for? Is there something specific they are trying to prove? And is it in your (and your child’s) best interests to make this information available?


Chances are, the answer to that last question is actually no! The truth is that your child’s medical records may end up being used against you. CPs workers could misinterpret information in a way that benefits their case, or even misunderstand medical choices you’ve made on your child’s behalf in a way that makes you look negligent. In the end, this could be very bad for your case!


Is CPS asking for access to your child’s medical records in Michigan?


Any decisions you make with regard to releasing your child’s private medical information should be made with the guidance of a trusted attorney. Specifically, an attorney with extensive experience dealing with CPS and fighting for the rights of parents in Michigan! Join us next time, as we will continue our discussion about how releasing your child’s medical record could affect your case, and what info CPS may be looking for.


Until then, if you or a loved one have been contacted by CPS for any reason, or believe that you may be the subject of allegations of abuse of neglect, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. Our skilled CPS defense attorneys have spent decades helping Michigan parents and caregivers protect their families from the invasive reach of CPS. We can help you too!


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