Do Parents Get Into Trouble With CPS When Their Kids Break The Law?

Child behind bars
Kids who break the law don’t always end up behind bars, but that’s not to say that there aren’t consequences, even for their parents.

Do you remember the Jamarion Lawhorn case? The young boy from Kent County who, after years of living in a violently abusive home, stabbed another little boy on a playground in the hopes that he would be electrocuted. Young Jamarion had no idea that Michigan didn’t have a death penalty, so he may have to spend most, or all of his life behind bars. And he had no idea that his actions would bring his mother and stepfather under the close scrutiny of CPS and the police. But that’s exactly what happened.

Most parents don’t realize that it’s a possibility either!

Not every troubled teen is the product of a troubled home. Not every troubled home houses abusive or seriously neglectful parents. But some do. And in cases where a child gets into trouble with the cops, the investigation may lead back to their parents, and the results could be more widely reaching than many people realize. In some case cases, parents may face criminal charges as a result of their children’s illegal actions. And sometimes it means CPS shows up to ask questions

Why would CPS get involved if your kid breaks the law?

Often, the case doesn’t start with CPs, it starts with the cops. Officers investigate a shooting where a minor had access to a weapon, and they determine that the parents did a crappy job of keeping their weapon locked up safely, which means they put their kids at risk. If there are other children in the home, an officer may wonder if those children are perhaps at risk as well. Maybe, if a parent is neglectful about guns, they might also be neglectful about their pot stash. And so to be on the safe side, they call in CPS.

Once CPS steps in, it’s very hard to get them to leave you alone!

According to the Michigan State Police, if a minor causes harm as a result of using a gun that was unlawfully stored in their parent (or guardian’s) home, the parents may face criminal charges as well. Why? Because the parents are considered to be directly liable for their child having access to the firearm. But if CPS becomes involved there is a lot more that possible charges to worry about. They may decide your other children are at risk, and remove them from your home. They may even decide your children are in danger, and petition the court to have your parental rights terminated!

If your kid screws up, you may want to talk to a CPS defense lawyer!

It may sound overly dramatic, but you’d be amazed at how often one single encounter with the police can lead to years of CPS poking around in your family’s business and telling you how to parent your kids. So if there’s a piece of advice we’d like you to take away from this, it would be: you can never be too careful! Call 866 766 5245 today and let our experienced CPS defense attorneys help you protect your family and your future!