Is Foster Care Better? Or Should Families be Kept Together? (pt. 1)

Do children do better when removed from imperfect families? Or are their own families the best place for them to grow and thrive?


The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform has long been of the belief that more harm is done by removing children from their homes, even if those homes are not the happiest, versus removing the kids from their imperfect families. As it turns out, they were on to something. And there’s evidence to prove it.


Joseph Doyle, an economics professor from MIT who studies social policy, conducted a study of foster care children. He and his team tracked 15,000 kids for 12 years, which is the largest research group of it’s kind for this particular subject. And even he was amazed at the results.


Studies show that kids at home do better than those in foster care!


As it turns out, children who stayed with their families after their parents were investigated for abuse and neglect actually did far better than their fostered brethren. They were less likely to become pregnant during their teens, become juvenile delinquents, dropout of school and develop substance abuse problems. Hey Michigan CPS….take note!


The study, which was funded by The National Science Foundation, proved that in a substantial number of cases, children did better in life when left with their parents. And it wasn’t a 50/50 toss up, it was a breathtaking number of children. Children who could have been left with their families. Children right here in Michigan whose lives could have been better.


Foster care isn’t all “bad” but staying with families is usually better.


Another important thing to note is the fact that this study does not prove that all foster care is bad for children. Some children are much better off being removed from the care of their parents, especially when there is sexual abuse or extreme physical abuse going on in the home.


However, like chemotherapy, which is poisonous but helps to kill cancer cells, it should be used with great care! And only when there are no other options available. The Kronzek Firm attorneys that defendant parents in CPS cases, remind us that right here in Michigan, CPS often takes a “shoot first, aim later” approach to removing kids from a loving home.

Is your family at risk of being torn apart?


Join us next time, when we will continue this discussion about foster care versus family care. Until then, if you or a loved one are at risk of losing your children to CPS, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. Our skilled child abuse defense attorneys have spent decades successfully defending falsely accused parents and caregivers at risk of losing their families. We can help you too!


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