“Freezer Mom” Back in Court, Accusing Another of Pedophilia!

Jail cell
Mitchelle Blair, Detroit’s ‘freezer mom’ accused another person in court of being a pedophile when she was there for her misconduct hearing.

Remember ‘freezer mom’? The Detroit woman who starved and abused her children to death, and then hid their bodies in a chest freezer by the front door of her apartment until they were discovered during her eviction? Well, it appears her antics haven’t ended yet.

She was recently back in court for a misconduct issue (more on that later!) and while being escorted from the court after her hearing, happened to overhear the start of another, unrelated case. A man was appearing before the judge in a child abuse case, and Mitchelle Blair, upon hearing what he was accused of, let loose with a string of screamed curses and the accusation that he was a ‘pedophile’!

Blair is serving life in prison for child abuse and murder

In 2015 Blair was convicted of abusing and murdering two of her children – 13-year-old Stoni and 9-year-old Steven. According to the testimony she gave in court, the pair sexually assaulted her youngest son. However, since Blair admitted she’d never personally witnessed any of the alleged assaults, and had never reported them to authorities, there’s no record of the events. In addition, police were not able to find any evidence to corroborate the claim.

Blair also told the judge that she had no regrets about what she did to Stoni and Steven, even going so far as to say that if she had the chance, she’d do it all again. She did admit that killing Steven had been an accident, but said that she was proud to have beaten him to death and would do it again without a moment’s regret. She was convinced that both children were “demons”.

CPS terminated her rights to her other children

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (CPS) terminate Blair’s parental rights, along with those of the two children’s fathers, Alexander Dorsey (The father of Stoni) and Steven Berry (the father of Steven). Dorsey is also the father of Blair’s eldest remaining child (17), while Berry is the father of her youngest surviving child (8).

Both fathers owed thousands in outstanding child support payments and almost never visited their children, according to the agency. Although both fathers fought to maintain their parental rights to their remaining children with Blair, the court terminated them at CPS’s recommendation.

Blair has had a lot of trouble since her incarceration

Since her imprisonment in 2015, Blair has had no less than 49 separate instances of misconduct, many of which involved throwing her urine or feces at prison guards. She has also been accused of verbally abusing other prisoners, starting fights, and assaulting both prisoners and guards.

Her most recent court date had to do with another misconduct charge, and she was given two additional sentences of 38 months to five years prison, on top of the two life sentences she is already serving. Although one has to wonder how much good it will do to heap more prison time onto someone who is already serving multiple life sentences, and has no hope of parole. Judging by the number of instances on her record, it doesn’t seem to be making any noticeable difference.